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Interesting things you should know about the realistic dinosaur costumes

Author: Maria William
by Maria William
Posted: Nov 03, 2019
realistic dinosaur

Have you ever wondered how do the theme parks manage to attract visitors for years? The colossal structures of the prehistoric dinosaurs coming back from 60 million years ago always make us mesmerized. Once you enter inside a theme park or a theme party where gigantic dinosaurs are roaming around and roaring – you cannot pull yourself back from getting attracted to them. You may ask yourself how these massive realistic dinosaur models manage to move their heads, swing their tails, open their mouth and roar etc.

We are going to discuss the most interesting facts about a Realistic Dinosaur Costume and the features.

What is a realistic dinosaur costume?

A realistic dinosaur costume is an artificial model of a dinosaur made of realistic materials along with movement facilities. These kinds of suits are made in this way that a performer can easily get into this and roam around. Motors, cameras and control panels are implemented inside the costume. So, when you put on the Dinosaur Suit, you will have access to control the dinosaur’s movement. For example, you can make him alive by walking a few steps, moving heads towards the guests along with a vicious roar, opening the big mouth to show the ferocious teeth of the prehistoric giants.

Definitely, you need a few practice sessions. Standing on the stilts is not easy enough. Once, you get comfortable inside a dino suit and capable of handling all the movement activities, you can have a relaxed stroll, make a roaring sound and can interact with every guest by moving the neck and swinging of the huge tail. You will look like a real dinosaur straight back from a prehistoric era.

A realistic costume is a full-body costume that is planned and built using some realistic dinosaur materials. It is a combination of both mechanics and art. The whole manufacturing procedure passes through several manuals and machines.

What is the basic idea of making a realistic dinosaur suit?

The raw materials required:

  • Stainless steel
  • Silicone
  • Foam
  • Silk stockings
  • Gasoline
  • Oil colors
  • Board markers
  • Soldering Iron
  • Knife
  • Scraper
  • Spray gun
  • Air compressor
  • Five basic steps to follow to make a DIY realistic dinosaur costume:

    Step 1: Make the steel frame

    First, you need to weld a stainless steel frame for the dinosaur. You should get a minimum idea about the structure of the dinosaur that you have decided to build up the costume for. For example, maybe you want to make a T-Rex realistic costume. So, the steel frame should be prepared similar to that.

    After you are done with making the steel frame, it’s time to install all the electronic components. These components include:

    A monitor

    A speaker

    A camera



    Air fan

    With the help of these components, you will have complete control of the Dinosaur suit.

    Step 2: Mold and sculpt

    Cover up the steel frame with foam perfectly. Draw the shape of the dinosaur on the foam. Now, it’s time to sculpt the structure in the shape of a dinosaur.

    Step 3: Texture

    The texture of a realistic dinosaur costume is the most important factor that you should concentrate on. This is the main factor that makes a foam-made structure into a ferocious dinosaur. Get a soldering iron and make DIY drawings on the foam-made sculpted structure. If you are confused, get references from hundreds of DIY realistic dinosaur costume videos available on the internet.

    Step 4: Work with the perfect dinosaur skin

    Now, it’s time to create perfect skin just like a real dinosaur. First, you need to apply a silicone coat on the foam-made structure and scrape that. Take the silk stockings and glued on the silicone-coated foam. You need to press on the silk stockings until you get to see the sculpted texture.

    Step 5: Painting

    Mix oil colors, gasoline and silicone altogether. Fill a spray gun with the mixture and connect an air compressor with a PU pipe. Now, you are all set to spray your favorite color on your dream dinosaur suit.

    After completing all these five steps, a DIY Realistic Dinosaur Costume gets alive. Now, you are all set to take him out for your next party.

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