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Digging for Dinosaur Exhibits

Author: Austin Ames
by Austin Ames
Posted: Apr 11, 2012

Adults and children will marvel at the monster from our prehistoric past.  The following magnificent dinosaur exhibits will give you an inkling of what life was like when these creatures ruled the Earth.  Behold the beauty of dinosaur bones and get your hands dirty at these great dinosaur exhibits.

Royal Tyrrel MuseumThe Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada is home to the world’s largest dinosaur.  Standing 86 feet tall and 151 feet long, visitors can even climb this giant T-rex and admire the badlands while standing inside her jaws.  On the trek up to the top, you will see fossil display, view the badlands for miles and see an articulated dinosaur skeleton.  This dinosaur is actually four and a half times the size of a real Tyrannosaurus rex and anatomically speaking, she is a female dinosaur, weighing in at a grand total of 145, 000 pounds.  After your venture outside, go inside the museum to view the various dinosaur exhibits and galleries.  Explore, create, and discover at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Excavate in a realistic quarry, make your own fossil replica and many other programs changing all the time.

There is ample room for all things wild at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center with over 12, 000 square feet of exhibit area to view.  The main area of the museum is filled with 20 full sized dinosaur skeletons.  While outside, you can learn what is required to find and remove dinosaur bones during a dig site tour in the hills of Warm Springs Ranch.  In the past, this ranch has had 60 different sites.  If you are looking to get your hands dirty, you can join the paleo-technicians on a search of fossils at an real, current dig site.

The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center, located close to Colorado Springs, is home to over 30 life-size prehistoric specimens.  Some of displays include the carnivorous Albertosaurus libratus (part of the T-Red family) and the Bambiraptor, one of the most complete raptors discovered in North America.  During your visit, you look inside their Paleontology Lab to see scientists working on their latest field discoveries.

American Museum of Natural HistoryHome to New York is the American Museum of Natural History.  Since opening in 1869, this museum is a great source for dinosaur information.  The main attraction is the huge Barosaurus standing at 5-stories tall making him the highest freestanding dinosaur in the world.  The American Museum has holds four fossil halls featuring the largest collection of vertebrate fossils with a total of nearly one million specimens of varieties in sizes.  Two of these halls are dedicated to just the Saurischian and plant-eating Ornithischian dinosaurs.

The Field Museum of National History has its own resident T- Rex named Sue. This famous woman in Chicago is over 67 million years old.  After a visit with Sue, head to the Genius Hall of Dinosaurs where specimens from every major dinosaur group are displayed.

You will drop your jaw in astonishment at the dinosaur bones at Colorado's Dinosaur Journey Museum.  While there are authentic fossils and cast skeletons of creatures, this interactive museum will impress you with its robotic creations that show how dinosaurs moved.

Smithsonian MuseumAt the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, there is a section designated just for dinosaurs.  The Hall of Paleobiology shows the studies of history of life on Earth, dating back to just about 3.5 billion years.  The first fossils were adopted in to the Simthsonian’s collection in 1859 and rapidly grown ever since.  Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see these fossils as they are stored in are being protected from the various elements that come along with museum life.  However, with today’s 3-D technology, the replicates made a so close the original that you will never know the difference.

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