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What is the Difference Between Online Backup and Cloud Storage?

Author: Backup Guru
by Backup Guru
Posted: Nov 04, 2019

There is an implicit relationship between the "data" and "security" for businesses. Both online backup and cloud storage are winning strategies for data security and safety. People often confuse in distinguishing the two terms "online" and "cloud". Both may seem similar but there is a slight Difference Between Online Backup and Cloud Storage

It will become a nightmare if important files or data have lost either accidentally or because of a natural disaster. However, the advancement in cloud computing paves a way to restore the lost data. Online Backup Services Text and cloud storage are the time-tested approaches on which one can lean on for data safety and storage.

Let’s dive deep into each technology with its upsides and downsides to understand the Difference Between Online Backup and Cloud Storage?

What is an online backup?

In this method, the whole data and files are saved regularly and automatically, encrypted for safety, and stored in the company or organization’s online servers or remote servers. In case any data loss incident occurs, the data can be backed-up hassle-free. This is done by online backup services that provide servers to the companies. Everyone associated with the data can access it from anywhere on any device either desktop or laptop or tablet.

E.g. is one of the online backup providers.


  • The data will be hidden from natural disasters, hardware failures since all files are stored online.
  • It is a cost-effective method.
  • It has unlimited data storage.
  • It stores the data automatically onto the servers without human intervention.
  • It saves the previous versions of the backed-up data.
  • It encrypts the data before saving it online to avoid hacking and data theft.
  • It allows device synchronization.


  • The data retention size depends on the selected bandwidth of the network.
  • If the security password created at the time of data encryption was lost, then there would be no way to recover the data.

What is cloud storage?

Like online backup services, it stores the files, folders, media, etc. over the cloud (internet) but not automatically. It allows syncing of the data. However, if any file is affected by the virus, then syncing of data here causes the data loss.

E.g. Google Drive and Dropbox.


  • Like, online backup, it is also hidden from natural damages, hardware failures.
  • Everyone can access the data from anywhere.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It allows for easy collaboration and data sharing
  • It allows synchronization


  • It has a limited threshold for the data storage and if anybody wants to need extra space need to purchase it from the service providers.
  • The backup may be time-consuming.
  • Privacy and security may not be guaranteed
  • It is not a viable recovery choice.

The main Difference Between Online Backup and Cloud Storage

Then, which one to opt for businesses?

Coming to the central point, the option is neither online backup services nor cloud storage. As we have seen, both have prominent features that one aspires. If you go for keeping huge data, then cloud storage wins. And if you opt for data backup, then online backup works well. If you need both storage and backup, then utilizing the two is the better option.

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