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Tips to Improve your English Grammar

Author: Mandeep Garg
by Mandeep Garg
Posted: Nov 21, 2019

It is okay to belong to a non-English speaking country and still wanting to be proficient in English. Most people are demotivated and pulled down from speaking English based on the place of their origin. In order to be good at any language, especially English, one must be good at grammar. Good grammar helps the receiver decode the message/gist of your message. English grammar classes in Ahmedabad believes that good grammar is like the cherry on top of the cake. It helps you create a good impression in front of someone.

To make it easier for you, here’s a list of ‘tips to improve your English grammar’.

1. Learn and understand the difference: The most common mistakes that are seen is how people get confused between words that sound the same, but have a different meaning, and are used in different contexts. Listing some common examples of this-

    • Then and than
    • There and their
    • You’re (you are) and your

Pay attention to the words and how and when are they used. Using these words correctly can help you get to the other side easily.

2. Check and Clarify: When in doubt, without wasting another second, considering checking for the confusion promptly. It is better to clear your doubts right away than be confused all your life. It is always a good idea to have a book or an application on your mobile or a website to check grammar. Everyone including the best English speaking classes in Ahmedabad suggest to use Wren and Martin. If you are comfortable checking grammar online, websites like Grammarly can be useful. There are a lot of other online grammar checking tools. Some of these sites also give reasons for the usage of the particular word, phrase, adjectives, and articles.

  1. 3. Learn online: With the internet reaching every nook and corner of the country, one can make good use of it. If you feel the need to improve your English grammar, you can start taking up the online tests. These tests can help you check how good you are with the grammar. Not just this, YouTube can become your best friend while you choose to learn English online. YouTube has a lot of videos with teachers teaching English from a very basic level. This includes learning alphabets, tongue twisters, riddles, common phrases, and idioms, etc. YouTubers use easy language to explain terms to their viewers.
  2. 4. Avoid using the WhatsApp language: Seeing almost every other person use the fancy WhatsApp language, you might want to write or revert in the same way. It is okay to write/ type ‘and' as ‘nd', ‘the' as ‘d', ‘fine' as ‘f9', etc once in a while. But when this becomes a habit, it can end up creating a bad image about you. Take an extra second to type the entire word and keep up with right grammar.
  3. 5. Note down your mistakes: One of the things the English grammar classes in Ahmedabad teach their students is to keep a notebook handy. Yes, you can use the notebook to take down tips and tricks when it comes to English. It would be better if you use this notebook to note the common grammar mistakes you make while dealing with English. This will help you make sure to not repeat the same mistakes. This notebook is nothing but a self-assessment diary. You will also come to know how much you have grown when you look back at your mistakes.

If you are really interested in learning the language, find people who are good at it. Making friends who are good at English, or being surrounded by such people can help you learn the language faster. Don’t be too dependent on the digital world to learn English and grammar. Hard copies of stories, essays, poems can also help you out. Don't leave English mid-way. Talk to people from diverse backgrounds in English, this will give you a broader perspective. If you have some time, try to read old plays and books written by classic authors. Although English has evolved a lot, it is always a good idea to be familiar with its background. Don't let anybody eliminate the fire within you. Just go for it. All the best!

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