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Benefits of moving to Mississippi

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Nov 09, 2019
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Mississippi is a pretty underrated state. It is located in the southeast part of the United States. It shares borders with Tennesse, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas. In fact, all of these states are pretty underrated. But right now, I am going to talk about Mississippi because I believe that moving to Mississippi can be one of the best decisions you make in a lifetime. So, if you were trying to find reasons to move to Mississippi, I will give you plenty of them.

Low cost of living

What many people know about Mississippi already is that is has a pretty low cost of living. Just a $100 can do a lot in Mississippi because it is so cheap. In fact, researchers did a study on this and they proved that $100 will get you the furthest in Mississippi.

Everything is cheap there. Housing, groceries, bills, restaurants, bars, activities, etc. But there is a downside to this. Because everything is so cheap, the average salary is quite low as well. But if you do the math right, it comes down to the same thing as living in a state that is known for having high salaries. Higher salaries mean higher prices. Lower salaries mean lower prices. But the most amazing thing about Mississippi is that it has the highest per capita in charitable contributions even though the average salary is the lowest.


If you were thinking about whether young people move to Mississippi or not, you will be surprised to find out that a lot of young people move to Mississippi. And why is this? This is because this state is the home to 50 colleges, universities, and technical schools. And young people who want to study move here all the time to use the education opportunities this state has to offer. The most popular universities and colleges are:

  • University of Mississippi

  • Mississippi College.

There are also plenty of great elementary schools and high schools. So, if you were thinking about moving to Mississippi to start a family, you will be thrilled by this information. Some of the best elementary and high schools are:

  • George Elementary School

  • Watkins Elementary School

  • Corinth High School

  • West Lauderdale High School.


The weather is mostly nice in Mississippi. Hot and sunny with a lot of humidity. But there are certain occasions when thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tropical storms occur. The rains often last just a few minutes but while they last, they are very heavy and strong. The temperature ranges between 48 °F and 81 °F throughout the year. Winters are short and mild and it rarely frosts up and snows. Areas near the cost are the most humid and the warmest. They are also prone to hurricanes so if you want to avoid the, we suggest moving further away from the coast. And Spyder Moving Services MS can help you do just that.

Local food

If you like to try new food, Mississippi is the place for you. There is plenty of unique food in Mississippi. Some of them you probably already tried. Pecan pie and cornbread are just two of them. If you decide to move to Mississippi, you have to try collard greens, crawfish, boiled peanuts, deer meat, and sweet potato pie. These homemade delicacies won't leave you hungry, they will only have you wanting more. The food alone is a reason good enough to start researching everything you need to know before moving long distances.


A common misconception about Mississippi is that this state isn't very diverse. But if fact it is. Even though more than 50% of the population are white Americans, there are other ethnicities living here as well. 37% of the population in Mississippi is African American. But just 2.8% are Latino Americans which is quite low. But as there are more and more people moving to Mississippi so these numbers are drastically changing each year.

Business opportunities

The best part about moving to Mississippi, especially if you are a young professional, are business opportunities. They are endless, to say the least. Because this state is forgotten and underrated, there aren't many people starting businesses in Mississippi. But starting one now can be nothing but a good idea. As the number of people is growing, so are the needs. If you start a business that is much needed, your income will grow and you will be able to live a very nice life with your loved ones in Mississippi.

Opening up bars, fitness centers, healthy food shops or anything young people love will be the best decision of your life. Like I already mentioned before, there are a lot of universities in this state. And if you are smart enough, you will use this opportunity to make a fortune for yourself.

Plenty of nature

What sets Mississippi apart from other states is the amount of nature you are going to be surrounded by while living there. There are plenty of state parks, national forests, and wildlife reserves where you can enjoy the nice weather with your family. And being outside is not only important for children. It is also very important for adults to stay active too. And living in Mississippi means you have plenty of options. From outside sports such as football and tennis to hiking and yoga. I already mentioned that this state has a coast so if you live near the coast you can also enjoy the water activities such as swimming, surfing, and snorkeling. For this reason, Mississippi is one of the healthiest states in the United States.

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My name is Betty and I have been writing expert articles in relation to the moving industry for the last couple of years. Besides this specific area, I am also experienced in other spheres pertaining to the concept of relocation.

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