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Why Baidu SEM is the Ultimate Destination for Every Brand?

Author: Damon Za
by Damon Za
Posted: Nov 22, 2019

When it is about marketing in China, the most successful one who has a larger market share is search engine marketing on the national search engine platform, Baidu or Baidu SEM. And to understand in detail, you need a guide like this post that will help you to know the best practices for working on your SEM campaign in China.

But first things first: what is SEM all about? This term refers to the marketing and advertising that comes from the search engines. In the United States and other parts of the globe, the top place for SEM is Google and Google AdWords for SEM. This forms the basis of any strategy that used On Google and its different platforms. So if you notice ads will be using AdWords as sponsored search results. Since China restricts using Google, marketers need to go through Baidu SEM for advertising and marketing.

You must understand that Baidu SEM works differently than all other major search engines found all across the globe. But, for the majority part, it operates in a similar fashion, mostly in three ways – text and display ads, geo-targeting, and pay-per-click advertising. Let us discuss each of them in detail.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

It is often termed as PPC advertising. Here you need to set up a campaign where you have to agree for a certain amount of money based on the number of clicks the ad will be receiving. This means you have to pay only when the ad is effective. Another side is the keywords you will be choosing will be up for auction. So the better keywords you will be choosing, there will be more money and eventually lead to higher clicks.


You may be thinking that geo-targeting is not relevant at all if you are going after a single market, but actually this is not the case. Baidu SEM provides you the option to target a few specific areas that you advertise quite well to the people in the area. After all, it makes sense to target people in Beijing if your store is here rather than advertising it to people in Houston.

Text and Display Ads

These are types of ads that you will always see as sponsored searches when you will be typing something in your favorite search engine. They operate in the same way as Baidu SEM. These ads also display as text on various Baidu services and apps, proving you better integration with China’s largest and most popular search engine.

So, the question is how Baidu SEM is different from other search engine marketing? That lies in accessibility. Not only Baidu restricts access to certain content and sites, but companies and advertisers are also vetted before given full access to advertising. So in this situation, consulting an experienced and professional Baidu SEM agency will be of great help. With the right professionals working for your campaign, you can make sure that that the choices you are making will certainly work on the Baidu platform, and that will help you to earn more bucks.

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