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Baidu Advertising: Why and How You Should Make Its Best Use?

Author: Damon Za
by Damon Za
Posted: Feb 23, 2020

For prospective business groups planning to promote their business endeavor in China, the world’s largest digital market hub, it is next to impossible to move forward without being equipped with Baidu. Why it is so? It is because, with more than 75% of Chinese on digital market share, Baidu is acknowledged as the largest search engine and advertisement platform in China. In other words, if you don’t have online presence in Baidu, you will be simply at bay. Contextually, it needs to be noted that Chinese audience consider authenticity of a company only if it has presence in Baidu. Accordingly, to help you out, Baidu is equipped with a number of great advertisement tools which are stated as follows:

Baidu Tuigang

It is Baidu’s most popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform which acts similar to Google’s Adwords or Adsense. It enables the advertising companies to exhibit their business ads particularly on Baidu’s SERPs as equally on the websites for businesses connected to Baidu Union. It is worth nothing that your PPC ads must be in Chinese language and should be appealing to your audience to bring them on your page; however, for this your company needs to be registered in Baidu.

Pay for placement (P4P)

Baidu’s P4P advertisement service allows businesses to advertise on Baidu with a view to reach customers supported by relevant searches and thus enables them to bid on specific keywords for displaying links of websites which takes users to their product/service details. It allows advertisers to effectively buy priority positions in Baidu’s SERP’s.


It’s an exclusive business promotional services offered by Baidu and has been restricted to the members of Baidu Union.

Baidu TV

Baidu advertising has been partnered and operational with ‘Ads it!’ The Media Corporation permits advertisers to directly access to Baidu’s Union members’ websites.

Baidu DU Ad Platform (DAP)

Incepted in 2016, Baidu’s DU Ad Platform allows Android developers to display their ads to users beyond China. This ad platform uses machine AI technology to improve ad performance forecast and thereby helps increase advertising revenues.

Get Started with Baidu

In order to leverage maximum usage of Baidu advertising mediums, and to get started with it, you are recommended to hire a professional digital marketing agency specializing in the domain. However, for having a general idea, here we let you know the great tools of Baidu which need to be used in its advertising plan.

Baidu Zhishu

It is an exclusive index tool which has been intended to evaluate the behavioral data and type of your advertisement. It adds value to the searches you make with relevant keywords while displaying your historical data, data in accordance with the regions, search trends, and numbers of usual facts and guidelines to effectively carry on your web promotion with Baidu.

Baidu Keyword Planner

When it comes to Baidu’s PPC advertising, it’s an exclusive tool which shows you the volume of searches based on your keywords. This is equally useful for your P4P ads, since it will help you check how much you should bid on some keywords.

Baidu Analytics

Akin to Google Analytics, this tool enables you to get complete statistics related to your website tracking process while you can identify information such as the amount of traffic visiting your site, their location, time of accessing and different other information. Unsurprisingly, outfitted with a professional digital marketing agency in China, you can attain the maximum value of Baidu analytics and make your business flourishing in the gigantic market of China. provides digital marketing services including mobile marketing, website localization, WeChat and Weibo social media marketing, PPC advertising, market strategy, and search engine marketing service across major search engines in China, including Baidu, Qihoo360, Sogou, etc. To know more, visit

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