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Risks of Cleaning Your Office In-House Versus Hiring Professional Commercial Cleaners

Author: Patrica Smith
by Patrica Smith
Posted: Nov 28, 2019

Office cleaning is a delicate matter as the entire impression and reputation of a company depends on it. A neat and tidy workplace boosts the morale of your workers and increases their productivity. Moreover, it also leaves a long-lasting impact on the incoming visitors, be it, clients or guests, helping you to build long-term relationships with them.

There are many liabilities associated with not cleaning your workplace properly like health-related issues because of the spreading disease-causing microorganisms and injuries resulting from slips and falls on poorly maintained surfaces. For those companies that intend to save the cost of hiring professional cleaners, it’s worth noting that many of the injuries caused to in-house janitors are due to slippery floors and involve wounds to the spine, neck, and back problems.

Maintaining proper cleanliness in any business is not something that one can easily carry out with limited resources and untrained janitorial staff. That’s why most of the enterprises hire expert commercial cleaners in their area to benefit from their highly-skilled workers, their cleaning methods, and specialized equipment. It saves the hassle of hiring and training their employees and buying cleaning products for a function that is best left to the industry experts.

Now we will tell you about some of the risks that are involved in cleaning your office in-house versus hiring professional commercial cleaners in detail.

Slipping and Falling

Slips and falls are one of the major causes of lawsuits as the company that manages its janitorial duties on its own is solely responsible for such unfortunate events. It leaves your company vulnerable to facing multiple financial accountability in the law of court. You will have to pay for all the losses from insurance for such incidents.

As compared to that, if you choose to hire professional commercial cleaning services, they will ensure all the required safety measures and display signages to alert the incoming visitors about a possible danger. Moreover, they will cover all the expenses if anything goes wrong during their operational hours.

Compensating Janitors

Hiring in-house janitors will not only cost you extra money in terms of their weekly or monthly wages but the costly worker’s compensation claims out of your insurance if someone gets injured while cleaning the facilities. It might result in an unforeseen increase in the premiums in your coverage, which will hurt your business financially.

When you get into a contract with expert cleaners, you don’t have to pay their wages. In addition to that, you also don’t have to worry about paying hefty insurance fees if any of the contractors’ workers face injuries. The service provider will take care of all such matters in their capacity.

Cost of Equipment

Apart from paying janitors out of your pocket, managing janitorial function in-house leaves you with bearing the additional costs of purchasing consumables and other cleaning products and equipment regularly. Things you may have to buy include disinfectant phenyls, brooms, masks, gloves, brushes, mops, and other related items. That’s not the end of it; you will also have to bear the maintenance and repair costs of equipment as well.

You can get rid of all such liabilities by employing specialized cleaning service providers who will be liable to pay for all these expenses on their own.

Safety Trainings

Certain cleaning products and chemicals are too dangerous to workers’ safety, which requires them to wear personal protective equipment like insulated clothing, gloves and masks. Apart from that, you will also have to train your janitors on how to use different chemical products and maintain workplace safety according to organizational health and safety guidelines causing you additional money.

The reliable commercial cleaners such as Kenberts Cleaning Services train their employees frequently, and they have all the required safety certificates for ensuring a safe working environment. Hiring an expert cleaning firm will take all these responsibilities off your shoulders and will let you focus on your core activities and be more productive.

It shows that cleaning your business by yourself takes away crucial time off your schedule, which you can spend on tasks that you do best. It costs you a lot of money and loss of operational hours. On the other hand, when you hire a professional cleaning company, they ensure that the cleaning activity is done right the very first time as they have well-trained and well-equipped expert janitors to take care of all kinds of cleaning tasks.

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