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Effect of power fluctuation on Electrical appliances

Author: Anamika Power
by Anamika Power
Posted: Dec 01, 2019
What is the effect of power fluctuation on Electrical appliances???

Power fluctuations can cause a disastrous impact on the appliances that you own. If it is on the expensive side, major voltage fluctuations can cause irreparable damage which is difficult to cover. But why would you wait for something so drastic to take place anyway. Invertors, power back up systems and new age UPS have made it easier to deal with such situations.

When the voltage applied is too high, it can cause several reactions. Insulation getting damaged is obvious, nevertheless, it makes your device a source of electrical hazard. It surpasses basic insulation levels and makes it dangerous to have it around the house. This can cause the equipment to heat up which can lead to undesirable consequences.

If the voltage applied to the system is too low, it is possible that the equipment cannot function at the expected load. This causes parts to get damaged because the current tends to increase in the circuit. Wire might lose their general strength and this can cause a short circuit which can lead to fire hazards.

Protecting your house and appliances from these fluctuations becomes a basic necessity. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a system that could detect voltage fluctuations and nip the issue in the bud? Well, power backup systems and UPS are the new age solutions and the basic response to all voltage fluctuation related issues.

You could have a basic invertor at home, but it doesn’t qualify enough to fulfill your basic needs. You need better capacity and handling agents which can take the load of the 230 volt supply. It is important that you understand that voltage and current are two different things. Few appliances are too sensitive to voltage fluctuations and these need to be guided through and through. A slight change here and there can cause devastating results. This is applicable to devices which function on shafts, coils, motors, so on and so forth. You could take all the precaution in the world and buy optimum appliances, but a slight change can cause an impact which could run into losses.

A UPS on rent is the best option that you have when it comes to protecting your appliances. UPS, in general, tend to be slightly on the expensive side. Nevertheless, it is essential that you have one at your residence or commercial complex. You wouldn’t want a power outage in your organization due to lack of back up, would you? Therefore, it is crucial that you have a capacity of UPS which fits the bare minimum such that there are no operational restrictions.

UPS is one of the best options when it comes to such situations. You could rent out the device or simply take one on lease such that if doesn’t bother you later. You can pick out a vendor who supplies the one at your doorstep. Additionally, most vendors offer free quarterly maintenance which helps your UPS and backup system to function as expected without much ado. With power fluctuations becoming common, it is most preferred by most residents and commercial parties.

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