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Parking and Driveway grids

Author: Shed Base
by Shed Base
Posted: Dec 03, 2019

High Strength Interlocking Grids

For reinforcing grass, gravel or stone areas, The shedbase high strength patented interlocking Parking and Driveway grids panels are perfect for easy installation of driveways, car parks and lawn reinforcement applications. With 5 different plastic pavers to choose from with 3 varying depths, our uniquely designed less fragile products can withstand free standing and flowing traffic weight from up to 400 tonnes / m2.

Being SUDS Compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) our 90 to 95% open cellular grid pavers are excellent for drainage and healthy grass growth. Over the years we have enjoyed ongoing loyalty with both domestic and commercial customers due to the range of products we supply for both heavy and light applications. This, along with our tailor made support and installation packages help give our clients peace of mind for all aspects of groundwork.

Car Parks

Drainage problems caused by impermeable materials used for access roads and car parks have become a major problem, with an increase in flooding and environmental contamination due to water run-off. As a consequence, the European Water Framework Directive requires that we manage our water resources in a more sustainable way, and provide an enhanced level of protection to water quality. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) can make a key contribution in the reduction of urban flooding by offering an alternative and long term solution to manage surface water run-off.

With recent changes to the planning legislation relating to drainage, customers must apply for planning consent for any new project that has an impermeable surface, resulting in a frustrating, expensive and drawn out process. Car park planning applications should now follow either SuDS compliant procedures or contain the necessary expensive drainage solution to meet requirements.

The SuDS compliant Shedbase system can be used for constructing a car parking area that in most cases requires no planning permission. It can additionally be used alongside traditional hard standing methods such as tarmac and concrete to act as water run off area. Shedbase is a tough and rugged plastic paving grid system which is strong and durable. Correctly installed, it can easily be used for years to come. With a range of car parking finishes, contact us to discuss your unique project.


A gravel driveway requires constant levelling and raking to keep it functional. This is due to the lateral displacement of the product.

You'll often find gravel driveways look aesthetically pleasing when first laid, but over time the gravel migrates and the earth below may become rutted and non-load bearing, leading to voids that require regular maintenance. With the Shedbase home driveway system, all these traditional problems are eliminated The Shedbase system retains the gravel, not allowing it to migrate because it is held firm in cells to provide a stable surface.

The interconnected lattice structure of Shedbase additionally makes it ideal for slope reinforcement that would otherwise be subject to deterioration due to gravity or wear-and-tear.

Access Roads

Such are the weight bearing capabilities of Shedbase; the system can be used extensively across a number of construction and civil engineering projects: highway maintenance, walkways, roadways, access roads, site works, house build and ground maintenance. Tough, flexible and easy to install, Shedbase is the hassle-free choice for a wide range of professional construction projects. Industrial environments require ground surfaces with extra strength. Shedbase will withstand the rigours of everyday industrial life.

Whether the need is temporary or permanent, shedbaseuk can be successfully installed for creating access or ways of circulation for small aircraft. It is ideal for airstrips, access to sheds, heliport, aircraft parking and junctions between two taxi ways.

A full specified access road with either a gravel or grassed finish can be provided for either general or emergency access routes.

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