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Top 6 mistakes that marketers do in PPC management services

Author: Monica Geller
by Monica Geller
Posted: Dec 05, 2019
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Are you a marketer who is striving hard to get leads for your business? Is it confusing you on how to get quality leads?

You might be trying hard to get quality leads for your business but what are the techniques you have been using to get one.

PPC management services are one among the large set of digital marketing services. These PPC Ads generally appear on the search engine results page, wherein when the user searches for something online, then if you are bidding on that particular keyword (which should also be relevant to your product or service), then the Ad will turn on top of the SERP. Ads like these are only charged when the user clicks on it and visits the page. Every time the Ad is clicked, the amount will be deducted from the Google account.

So, while dealing with these things, we end up doing some mistakes which could make us lose profits for the business.

Below are the mentioned mistakes that need to be avoided.

  1. Bid keywords on a broad range: It is very much important to look out for the keywords of your niche and of the words that are closely matched. If the keywords are matched, then there are chances of getting the Ad rank higher.
  2. Stop avoiding geo-targeting: Your business might be serving products and services in the whole state or country, but for getting a higher click rate, you need to target for certain locations. You should know the place where your product could be recognized easily and then targeting that place will give more click rates and reach the right audiences.
  3. Relate the content to the landing page: Every marketer will do this mistake of not relating the content on the Ad copy with that of the landing page that is linked to the Ad. You show up 60% off on the Ad and end up giving 20% on the web page, then that will lose the customers' interest and they don’t make any purchase even if the product looks appealing.
  4. Using phone numbers: In an Ad copy, it is a waste of putting up your phone number as the users who look at the ad and even if they like the offer, they don’t actually make a call and ask you for more details. They will click on the link and then look around for other offers on the website. This has been proven by many that the phone number is of no use.
  5. Lack of tracking: Placing an Ad on the Search engine is not enough; you should always maintain a tracking system on the campaigns. This will give out the information about how well the keywords are bringing in traffic. For this to happen, you can integrate the campaign to the analytics tool, where you can start seeing at all the information related to the campaign.
  6. Paying for negative keywords: In Google keyword planner, you will have an option of separating negative keywords that you wish not to bid for. If you are planning to pay for broad match keywords, then you will see a lot of visitors visiting your website who have typed in keywords like free and bad. So, make sure to segregate the negative keywords while looking for keywords and don’t pay for the ones who are of no worth to the business.
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I am an SEO Analyst working in a leading digital marketing agency.

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Author: Monica Geller

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