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Why VFX animation is a good course for career prospective?

Author: Mac Hardy
by Mac Hardy
Posted: Dec 07, 2019
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The employment in the field of VFX is predicted to grow at 10% every year. VFX is in great demand in entertainment, movies, television, gaming and advertisement industry. Institutes are offering some exceptional VFX courses in Pune. The animation and VFXcourse costs in Pune vary in their fees.

International houses outsource their VFX work to India. Method studio in Pune created the VFX for Marvel, Black Panther projects. Companies like Toolbox studio, Digital Domain have their presence in India.

As per the FCCI-EY 2018, international attention is on the Indian VFX industry. It is one of the brightest career options. The valuation is grown from 54 billion in 2016 to 80 billion estimations in 2018. It is further estimated to grow to be a 114 billion industry by 2020. From the period of 2016-2017, the animation and VFX industry grew at an astonishing of 23%. This is a 10% average growth of the entire entertainment and the media industry.

Let us bring to you some must know factors every VFX aspirant should know before opting for a VFX course in Pune.

Must to know factors:

  • Creativity is the key in VFX and animation but that is not all enough to excel in this field. With digitalization, you need to have hands-on experience in VFX software. For instance, Maya, Houdini, and Zbrush. A combination of technology and creativity is the recipe for great VFX.
  • Patience is the ingredient of creativity. Every creation requires time and effort for the right result. Apart from patience, attention to detail is needed for a VFX artist.

Work ethics in any profession goes a long way. You might work as a freelancer or at an office that does not matter. Responsibility and accountability of work is an important quality.

The best VFX course will shape your career. The different career options in VFX are:

Layout artist: This happens before the production and pre-visualisation take place. The artist interprets the storyboard or script. Templates are then created and transferred on a visual platform. He studies various camera angles to understand the visual effects.

Compositing: A compositing artist mixes the visuals with the rest of the background. This eliminates the viewer’s distraction. Great amalgamated visuals are amazing to experience. A composting artist makes sure the visuals are mixed and aligned with live-action.

Lighting: Lighting plays a very crucial part of VFX. The right lighting creates the effect required to enhance the scene. A lighting artist studies the interaction of light and its different aspects. It’s behaviour in the actual world to translate into the world of VFX.

The rendering artists: They are in high demand in the VFX field. Rendering artist jobs are delicate and technical. They create real lifelike visuals on screen from an animation model. The rendering artist transforms an idea into breathtaking visuals.

Rotoscoping Artists: The Roto artist traces the frames where CGI and real-life meet. They provide a framework for compositors from where they begin their work.

Matte Painters: All the beautiful and magical images that a VFX creates are the work of a Matte painter. The artist takes references from photographers, paintings, sketches, drawings to create VFX scenes.

Matchmover artists: The match mover artist has expertise in 2d and 3d. The artist has to track all the movements. The artists integrate CGI with real action footage and proportion.

Seeing the growth path and the pace a career in VFX is not only rewarding but also satisfying for a creative mind.

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