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15 best place to spend christmas: the world most festive cities

Author: Sumita Singh
by Sumita Singh
Posted: Dec 08, 2019

We're all for snow days and cuddling up with cherished ones by way of the fire, however, the month of December is additionally a prime time for traveling—mainly to see how the rest of the world celebrates Christmas. These cities are well worth a go-to any time of year, sure, but they seem to be especially magical in the course of the excursion season. Some celebrations are worth the cost of a plane ticket. And let's face it: You haven't in reality considered Christmas lights until you have seen 26 million lights all at once.

With Christmas two simply a few months away, now it’s an excellent time to plan your vacation trips in one of the best Christmas markets. In this post, pinnacle travel bloggers from around the world share their favored Christmas locations in the world.

Málaga, Spain

Why we go: Located in southern Spain, Málaga actually goes all out for the holidays. Aside from the Christmas markets, large nativity scenes, and free concert events at Plaza de la Constitución, the metropolis holds its annual Verdiales Music Festival on December 28. All-day, traffic can watch competing couples don extravagant costumes and practice unique types of verdiales, the regional flamenco dance. Now, where can you get something like that in the States?

This one component will simply get you in the spirit: The lights along buying avenue Calle Larios lit in late November and kept on thru December.

Bruges, Belgium

Why we go: Europe’s best-preserved medieval town oozes charm year-round but is specifically charming all through the holidays. It's difficult to think about a vicinity extra magical as you wander the cobblestone streets, admire the shimmering lights, and warm up with mugs of Belgian warm chocolate in cafes.

This one component will definitely get you in the spirit: Ice skating with any person distinctive at the picture-perfect ice rink, located near the downtown Christmas market.

Reykjavík, Iceland

Why we go: Reykjavík shines on the streets and in the sky in December. Strings of glinting Christmas bulbs illuminate the city in the course of its very long nights; and on the clearest evenings, the Northern Lights can be viewed from the city’s darker streets.

This one aspect will honestly get you in the spirit: The thirteen Yule Lads, a team of holiday trolls you'll see about town who are—in nearby folklore—Iceland’s equivalent to Santa Claus (and have clearly been around a lot longer than St. Nick).

Cologne, Germany

Why we go: Nothing embodies old-world yuletide appeal like the Christmas market, and nobody takes Christmas markets more important and valuable than the Germans, with Cologne’s drawing four million visitors each winter.

This one aspect will honestly get you in the spirit: Taking in the merry attractions from the remark deck of KölnTriangle, the tower immediately contrary the Cathedral on the Rhine.

Rome, Italy

Why we go: The streets around the city will be festively alight, sure, but the home to the seat of Catholicism is an extremely good alternative for folks seeking an extra sacrosanct Christmas experience.

This one factor will definitely get you in the spirit: Midnight mass at the Pantheon, where you can hear hymns echoing off the walls of the 1,900-year-old architectural marvel.

Vienna, Austria

Why we go: Vienna practically flickers with vacation spirit for the duration of the Christmas season (the lights covering almost every constructing simply doesn't hurt). The city is acknowledged for its markets, with the Viennese Christmas Market at City Hall stealing the show every year.

This one issue will surely get you in the spirit: Christmas Mass at the Hofburgkapelle (Hofburg Chapel), the place you can enjoy the crystalline tones of the one and solely Vienna Boys Choir.

Strasbourg, France

Why we go: Strasbourg is domestic to the oldest of France’s Christmas markets, courting lower back nearly 450 years. There are 12 incomplete to check out, which is positive to preserve you busy at some point in the give up of 2019. Pro tip: Though the markets will be full of delicious goodies, many select to indulge in the king of Alsatian delicacies, foie gras, which is additionally a French Christmas tradition.

This one thing will absolutely get you in the spirit: The superlative market beneath the amazing Strasbourg Cathedral, the tallest surviving shape built totally in the Middle Ages.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Why we go: Vilnius turns into a true wintry weather wonderland in December, with a Christmas train that weaves through Old Town, 3D nativity testimonies projected onto buildings, and Christmas villages crammed with local goods and treats.

This one component will honestly get you in the spirit: The headline-making Christmas trees. This year’s tree is nearly 90 feet high, made up of 6,000 branches, and resembles the city’s Cathedral Square Bell Tower clock when considered from above.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Why we go: If at all there is one component that you can’t miss on a European Christmas vacation in Dubrovnik, it is to sing the regular Dubrovnik carols. Considered to be one of the excellent places to spend Christmas in Europe, it is a should for anyone to witness Christmas bushes on the Stradun when in Dubrovnik.

This one component will honestly get you in the spirit: Visit the Old Town, dine with the locals and get pleasure from some sausages with beer, attend the Christmas Fair at the Convent of St. Claire, keep for Christmas ornaments, style the Christmas cookies, and more.

Geneva, Switzerland

Why we go: Christmas in Geneva is equal to the great Christmas Lights ever. The entire Lake Geneva is lit up with shops, stalls, and a thousand lights as a section of the European Christmas traditions. And for the foodies who’re searching forward to the high-quality places to spend Christmas in Europe this year, look no similarly than Geneva that hosts a market full of pre-Christmas meal exhibitors from all over the world. With such an awful lot to offer, it is truly one of the best locations in Europe for Christmas.

This one component you must see: Must-attend the Genève Marché International de Noel at Place de la Fusterie, discover the Christmas market at Lake Geneva, go buying at Rue du Marché, and Rue de Rive, and more

Tallinn, Estonia

Why we go: The actual glow of Christmas can be witnessed in its wonderful shape solely in Tallinn. Reckoned to be one of the nice Christmas destinations in Europe, stroll through the cobblestone streets that take you down the nostalgic lane of an iciness wonderland. From attending the extraordinary iciness applications like Christmas Villages to exploring the geographical regions of Estonian Open Air Museum, Tallinn is going to be a gem in the heart of Europe at some point at Christmas.

This one thing will absolutely get you in the spirit: Skating in the Old Town, taste the mulled wine, explore the medieval churches, shop at the Town Hall Square’s Christmas market, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Tallinn, and more

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why we go: Unlike different European countries, celebrations in Amsterdam started out a month ago in November itself. The essential gathering area of the Museum Square transforms into a magical Christmas village where one can experience to the fullest at some of the fine Christmas markets. From taking part in a joyous Ferris wheel experience to the limitless food, music, drinks, and dance scenes, Amsterdam is indeed one of the great locations to spend Christmas in Europe.

This one thing will absolutely get you in the spirit: Attend the Amsterdam Light Festival, experience an extraordinary Canal Cruise, be a section of the Amsterdam Winter Parade at Amsterdam RAI conference centre, ride the 2nd Christmas Day or Boxing Day in Amsterdam, and more

Copenhagen, Denmark

Why we go: A proper Christmas metropolis in all its senses, Copenhagen follows some of the fantastic traditions during the celebrations at one of the exceptional places to spend Christmas in Europe. The entire metropolis is covered in lights to the brim and one can usually run into huge Christmas markets at each nook and nook of the city. From relishing the high-quality of road food to touring the historic candy factory, Copenhagen has a lot more than what meets the eye.

This one thing will absolutely get you in the spirit: Stroll via the majestic gardens of Tivoli, enjoy mulled wine at the special Hotel d’Angleterre, go ice skating at Frederiksberg Have, dine at one of the Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas tables, and more

Rovaniemi, Lapland

Why we go: Welcome to the land of Santa! Celebrating at one of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe brings a lot of surprises on the go, of which, the fantastic one can be encountered in the metropolis of Rovaniemi. The professional domestic of Santa Claus which is positioned at the heart of Lapland, vacationers can go to and greet the Santa at the Santa Village which lies on the Arctic Circle. This is viable for all 365 days of the year, and we’re now not joking!

This one thing will absolutely get you in the spirit: Meet Santa at the Santa Village, trip a Reindeer ride, tour the town with huskies, let northern lights charm you, explore the Arctic zoo, revel in snowshoeing for the duration of Christmas, and more

London, England

Why we go: The total city transforms into a winter wonderland with skating being one of the most cherished activities for the duration of Christmas. From shopping to relishing a heart-warming meal, and from the carol live performance to midnight mass celebrations, London is, as all say, amongst the first-rate places to visit in Europe for the duration of Christmas where you’ll love every bit of the celebrations.

Must-have experiences: Know the records behind Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square, attend midnight mass at Westminster Abbey, don’t pass over out on Christmas Lights, attend the Carol Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, be a part of the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and more

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