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Get Reliable Photocopier Repair in Dubai Near You

Author: Uae Technician
by Uae Technician
Posted: Dec 29, 2019

Photocopiers are necessary office equipment that helps to copy documents quickly and cheaply. Since it is a daily requirement, it becomes troublesome when the photocopier can’t carry on its work smoothly. Most of the common photocopier problems can be fixed in minutes. If not, then you will need to go for a photocopier repair in Dubai. But, first, let us look after the common problems of a photocopier machine.

When to Call for a Photocopier Repair in Dubai?

Here are the basic copier problems that can delay your important works.

Paper Jams

A paper jam of a photocopier creates both a standstill and a backlog. As a result, it leads to huge office disruptions. A paper jam can certainly occur with a poorly setup machine. Using the wrong type or thickness of the paper is the primary cause of a paper jam. Moreover, when you load the paper incorrectly onto the photocopier, dust builds up inside the machine. As a result, the machine fails to operate due to the stuck in dust particles. Moreover, you are likely to encounter a paper jam when you load too many pages in the supply reservoir of the photocopier.

If you experience such a situation, then try to remove the jammed paper manually. If no paper is stuck inside, then look for the accumulated dust and clean it carefully. Furthermore, ensure that you are using the right type and thickness of the paper. If not, then reload the correct type and size of papers. If you have overloaded the supply reservoir, then remove some pages and restart the machine.

Cartridge or Toner Issues

Cartridge and toner issues are known to occur due to incorrect installation. Perhaps you aren’t using genuine cartridges and thus, you are facing this inconvenience. Then check whether the cartridges have sufficient ink or not. If the cartridges are empty, then refill them. If they are not reusable, then buy new cartridges for your photocopier. Again if the problem is not associated with cartridges, then there can be manufacturer errors or compatibility complications. Therefore, consult with a photocopier repair to fix the actual problem efficiently.

Streaks or Lines on Copied Documents

Your essential documents look unprofessional when streaks or lines appear vertically down a printed page. Hence, it is obvious to get streaks or lines due to foreign substances on the scanner glass. So, access the scanner glass and remove the foreign particles with a soft lint-free cloth. If the scanner glass is clear, then inspect the photocopier fuser for glitches. However, if you are using a multifunctional photocopier, then the problem can arise from a malfunctioning drum or developer unit. To be more precise, one of the drum blades is broken or has stopped working. Only a software specialist will be able to identify the actual reason and fix the problem instantly.

Wrinkled Pages

Wrinkled or crinkled pages can occur due to the worn-out feed or exit rollers. Thus, you can purchase replacement trays for your photocopier or repair the fuser assembly if required. Though wrinkled pages seem to appear due to a paper jam or overloaded paper tray, it results from the wear and tear of the machine. Photocopiers fail to work properly due to a lack of repairs and maintenance. If your copier is outdated, then it’s cost-effective to purchase a new machine instead of repairing the old one.

Discolored Printings

Nothing can be more frustrating than quality issues with a photocopier machine. The machine might produce faded or extremely dark prints due to imbalanced density controls. So, if you are aware of how to reset density controls, then do that by yourself. Otherwise, you must reach an expert.

Random Spots All over Your Copies

No one wants to see spots running across their documents. So, if you notice such a thing, then look for debris on the copier mirror. Go ahead if you know the cleaning process and products that can be used. Otherwise, it is a safe option to let an expert look after this matter.

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