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5 Ways OnHow To Promote Positive Reviews For Your Business

Author: Nicon Ch
by Nicon Ch
Posted: Dec 07, 2019
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Digitally speaking, online reviews matter. Customers need to know how well a product or a place is before trying it out themselves. For this matter, the online review management system will help you in getting reviews from customers.

1. Make It Easy To Give a Review

No customer would go deep into your website to give a review. You need to make sure that giving a review is easily accessible. This is one of the basic stuff to get positive reviews from the customers. Make your review section right in front of your website so that it is easily visible to the viewer just like Facebook and Google have. You can also make a dedicated page on your website which can be easily accessible or be prompted so that customers can give feedback. This trick is most important in encouraging reviews in general whether positive or not.

2. Offer Something In Return

Creating incentives is a big way of promoting and gaining positive reviews for your product. Sometimes customers don’t have time to review so they let it go because they don’t have anything in it unless they are unhappy with your product and are in need of some support. You can track these customers through online review management software.

Although, providing them with hefty discounts may not be sufficient for you but you can give them small prizes like small discounts on their next purchase, some coupons or anything that you can provide for being cooperating. If you want to go big but also be in budget then you can offer a free voucher for a brand that can be won by any two people who review your product. It is a free promotional activity that is beneficial for your business and an incentive for customers to give positive reviews.

3. Don’t Be Straightforward

Being straightforward with the customers is a bad way to go about your business. It reduces the elegance that is required if you are to ask someone a favor. You must be professional and ask an open-ended question first. You should not just ask to give a review straight, but you should ask a question like "Are you enjoying our product?" or other questions that are a conversation starters. Make them feel comfortable because that’s how it will work for your benefit.

Ask them if they want to renew or purchase from you again, that way they can give their honest review which will most likely be positive. Reach them out through email or text and ask these questions. Once you have done that then you can ask for a review. By doing this you can also avoid any awkward moments like if you are on call with the customer and ask them head on to give a review and they have a had a negative experience with it.

4. Ask Them in Person

It is most likely that you have a business that has close relationships with the customers. Your business doesn’t have to be all internet based to get positive reviews. Asking them face to face is another way of promoting positive reviews. It is because when you ask them in person, it makes an impression that their feedback matters to you and it is valuable. Don’t be hesitant in asking the customers in person but remember to start a conversation first.

These few tips will help you in promoting the positive reviews on your product. Customer review software is a way to gain knowledge of how you are doing on the review side of things by proving you an insight.

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