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Top things to consider while attending a blending class

Author: Wine Fusion Winery
by Wine Fusion Winery
Posted: Dec 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered how Mckinney Wineries comes up with the percentages of their blends? Well, they don’t use a set of dice but dedicate time tasting, blending, more tasting, and re-blending. Generally, it’s a repeat of those small things that creates the perfect varietal blends. A wine blending class is there to attract, engage, and educate you in wine making.

Basically, to learn and enjoy wine is all about participating in the process. It’s all about doing! Experiencing the process drives home the wine taste and the thought behind wine making and blending. At Wine Fusion, we have wine blending classes that not only gives you a hands-on tasting experience but also lessons on creating a perfect blend.

Why is a wine blending class important?

Most of us have only enjoyed the finished bottled product. You can’t brush off the importance of finding the balance in wine. You have to experience it to know it’s there. But wine is more than just the tasting and drinking. In a wine blending class, you:

  • Learn to appreciate the thought process behind a certain blend.
  • Learn more about the final product including age-ability and approachability.
  • Learn more about how you like your wine to create your individual palate.

Additionally, you can finally get to show off in front of your pretentious wine friends!

With this in mind, what should you consider while attending a blending class?

Blending is like arts, combining different pieces of it and creating a sum that is so much better than the individual pieces you began with. With wine, you first decide on the blend you are creating. Then increase the balance and complexity by adding other varieties.

The type of wines and grapes

There are so many blends in the world. In a blending class, you learn about the different profiles before choosing the blend you want to create. Other than being red or white, the blends can be from Merlot to Malbec, Carbernet Sauvignon to Sauvignon Blac. Ask about everything you need to know to properly understand your blend.

Wine tasting

The truth is there is no right or wrong way to taste wine. The bottom line remains-do you like what you are smelling or drinking? It’s that simple! So don’t put undue pressure on yourself while in a blending class wondering if you are doing it correctly.

However, there is a formal way of wine tasting that tells you more about what you are drinking. To make it less intimidating, Wine Fusion has broken it down to: look, swirl, smell, and sip.

Having fun

A blending class main purpose is teaching, tasting, learning and having fun while doing the three. Intimidation and pressure of creating a perfect blend can take the fun out of the experience. Relax, have fun, and look forward to enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Come enjoy the unique experience of Wine Blending Class Mckinney wines at Wine Fusion. You get a chance to test your wine making skills and not only taste but carry your master blend home.

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