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Mobility Products to improve your Independence

Author: John Hinds
by John Hinds
Posted: Mar 20, 2021

There are few better ways to boost the physical and mental wellbeing of any individual than to maximise their mobility. Getting around on your own whether inside or out of the house goes a very long way when it comes to self-esteem and also health and fitness. For those who need assistance with their mobility thankfully there are some excellent products on the market to help get out and about as much as possible.

One of the most life-affirming and door-opening mobility products on the market is the mobility scooter. It is a mobility aid that is appropriate to such a broad cross section of people with mobility issues and while not inexpensive its benefits far outweigh any monetary cost. When considering the financial cost of a mobility scooter you should not forget that as well as the health benefits you can discount the cost of all the taxis that you will not have to take to get to the shops or the doctors. If your mobility issue allows you to function without a wheelchair but you need that bit of help around town, a mobility scooter can be a lifesaver.

In addition, you will see new horizons open up that previously seemed impossible. Longer journeys can be taken and instead of needing a wheelchair or to hire a scooter, you can take your own in the boot of the car. To do this you might wish to take advantage of one of the many excellent hoists on the market that help you to get the scooter into the car. Depending on your circumstance and the extent to which you need help getting the scooter up and into the boot you can choose between:

  • Two way hoists (for lighter scooters). These are powered but will require a push into the boot.
  • Four way hoists. These devices not only manoeuvre upwards and downwards but are also able to swing the scooter into the car.
  • Six way hoists. These offer even more flexibility when picking up and placing the scooter in the boot.
  • Fully telescopic hoists. The most powerful hoist on the market. In one easy movement these hoists pick up the scooter and load it into the boot.

While it is perfectly possible to adapt the existing car in your household for mobility scooters, you can also purchase mobility friendly cars. Such cars benefit from:

  • A Ramp to allow easy boarding
  • A Raised Roof
  • A lowered floor
  • A Scooter restraint system
  • A winch

There are of course a lot of other smaller scale mobility aids on the market, but one ingenious example is the car crane. This amazingly handy little device fits onto the striker of the car door. It is ergonomic in design, comfortable and non-slip. So small is it that it fits in the glove compartment. It comes fitted with a torch, seatbelt cutter for emergencies and an emergency hammer and is great for helping those who need help getting in and out of the car.

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Author: John Hinds
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