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Top Trends In Web Design Services

Author: Adam Mathewz
by Adam Mathewz
Posted: Dec 13, 2019

Is Your Website Attractive? Web design trends have seen significant changes in the last decade. Following these trends can help to understand customer preferences. Designers can only provide the best services when they know what their users demand. Although these trends sometimes lead to designers feeling creatively handicapped, there is always scope for them to create something new. One can never tell when the latest creations will become the most engaging ones the users have ever seen.

What Are Some Of The Latest Trends In Web Design? Let’s Take A Look: IllustrationsIllustration is quite popular in the tech industry these days. Many renowned companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, MailChimp, and so on use the illustrations of various artists and designers in their websites. Quite often, these companies also collaborate with well-known illustrators. Illustrations help to make the site more expressive. When users have to wait for a page to open illustrations can make the process more pleasant, while also communicating essential brand messages.

Minigames And Micro-InteractionsAdding minigames and micro-interactions to the website is another excellent way of communicating with the users. Users can play games while waiting for the page to load and also enjoy the graphics on the page. Similarly, micro-interactions are a way of ensuring that the users are involved in the website, while also subtly informing them actions and usage. Micro-interactions make for smarter webpages that are at par with the evolving world technologies. These features entertain users and also establishes a close connection with them. They make sure that browsing through the website is not tedious or boring.

Big ParagraphsDesigners now also like to experiment with paragraphs. Previously paragraphs would be restricted to distribution of columns or wrapping geometric forms. Now they have different elements. They are more prominent, with images, emoticons, style changes, micro-interactions, and so on. Designers like to make paragraphs more interactive and expressive. They combine different fonts and decorative styles to make it attractive.

Big MenusJust like paragraphs, menu sizes have also increased considerably in the last few years. Menus are no longer tiny, written in pixel fonts. Mobile patterns have largely influenced menu sizes. It is quite common these days to see full-screen overlay menus in mobile phones. Designers had taken into consideration the difficulty that users had when the menu sizes were small, and the screen sizes were big. There is little to no difficulty in viewing a menu these days. Designers have made all the options on the menu easy to touch and select without selecting another one by mistake. Menus now are also decorated with various effects and micro-interactions.

Animating Secondary ElementsAnimation of secondary elements is quite trendy in the design world right now. Animation helps in visual enrichment, and the designer does not need to make heavy use of resources. Animating the secondary elements instead of using several resources to design the website ensures that users do not have to wait for a long time for the website to load. It makes the user experience more fluid.

TypographyExperimenting with typography is now trendy. Designers no longer stick to one font. Instead, they experiment with multiple font styles on a single page. Words form a large part of typography. Now we have layouts that are typography based. Words have an aesthetic and semantic presence in the design. Typography highlights the letter forms. Now we see words in Bold or Italics, in different colours and shapes all in one paragraph.

Realistic DesignDesigns are now more realistic due to the combination of flat design and 3D. Designers now create a make 3D effect by adding 3D elements over flat colours. The combination enables the users to experience a kind of virtual reality without having to pay for it. Realistic designs are visually more appealing and tend to attract more users.

Glitch ArtGlitch Art is a combination of retro designs and modern technological failures. While technical glitches are quite common these days, using these drawbacks to create art is truly innovative. Using glitch art makes the subject more appealing. Glitch Art also intensifies the disruption and disorientation of the age, and the users tend to have a kind of psychological association with it.

MinimalismMinimalism is one of the most popular trends in web design. Minimalism aims for a minimalistic design by adding fewer elements on a page rather than stuffing it with a variety of elements. It makes the page appear more classic and aesthetically pleasing. Web designers sometimes use different shades of a single colour to achieve a minimalistic effect. By making minimum use of colours, they make it easier to browse on the website where elements are also few. They make use of whitespace to highlight the various sections; clear typography and contrast are also quite common. Minimalism makes the website clutter-free, but it is in no way less informative or underdeveloped.

Split ScreenAlthough this design technique is quite simple, designers like to use it convey more than one message at the same time. It looks quite fascinating and also succeeds in informing the users. Designers create this effect by dividing the screen into two parts. Each part conveys a separate message. Sometimes one section is dedicated entirely to pictures and images while the other part is dedicated to quotes or write-ups, brand tagline, and so on. In the place of horizontal content panels, designers now collapse the content into vertical panels. This technique is especially suitable for small screens on mobile phones and other portable devices.

The best and most professional web designers are those that keep up with the latest trends. At Global Employees there are optimum number of professional web designers for hire available who are well versed with the latest in the web designing field. They know how to make the most out of these new features to provide the best services. Design trends are rapidly changing with the changing demands of the customers, and it is indeed hard to tell how technologies will evolve in the future.

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