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How to change the font size in yahoo mail - around the home

Author: Contactyahoo Helpdesk
by Contactyahoo Helpdesk
Posted: Dec 13, 2019

Yahoo will use a preferred font size and font style to all your emails. You can likewise rely on its integrated font formatting tools to emphasize or minimize parts of individual emails. But to improve the readability of Yahoo email, use your browser, touch screen or keyboard.

To format or reformat a Yahoo email message, type it in rich text mode. Credit: John Smith / Linda Images News / Getty Images


Click the gear icon in your Yahoo email. Then choose "Settings", followed by "Write an email." The Default Rich Text Font part shows the font attributes that are automatically applied to your emails. Choose a more acceptable font style or size from the drop-down menus, using the generated sample as your guide. It has seven fonts to pick from and four size options: small, medium, large and extra-large.


You can change the font size and style of certain parts of a Yahoo email message for emphasis or aesthetics. Start by picking the text you want to reformat, then click on the "Tt" icon and choose the font and size you want from the pop-up menu. You cannot make these changes if you are writing in plain text mode. Click ">>" to switch to rich text mode before attempting to reformat the text.


To improve the readability of your Yahoo emails, use the zoom controls on your web browser to make them appear larger or smaller on your screen. Alternatively, on a PC, press "CTRL" while turning the mouse scroll wheel or press "+" or "-". On a mobile device, spread or pinch your fingers on the touch screen.

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The font size of email messages may look small on the iPhone, iPod touch screens and iPad, but the default settings can be changed and much increased if the text size appears too small.

If you need to know how to change the font size of mail on an iPhone and iPad, you are in the best place. You can change the size of the text dramatically, so you'll need to try some different options.

You can change the font size in most versions of OS, but the method is somewhat different by device. We will show you how to change the text size on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 9, iOS 8, 7, and 6, and earlier. This includes all the bases, so no matter what version of iOS your device has, you should have the option to modify the font size.


Modifying the font size in the Mail application is done by changing the font size anywhere in iOS for iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open the configuration application and go to "Screen and brightness"
  2. Soon go to "Text size"
  3. Modify the dynamic font size slider to set the desired text and font size for Mail and text found in iOS

The font size you want to go with is a topic of personal choice, have in mind that the changes made to the font size here will also change the text size of some other items on the iPhone.

Without any effort change the font size of mail in iOS 7 and iOS 8

With other versions of iOS, changing the font size is an issue that influences the entire system and extends to the Mail application and also to emails:

  1. Open the configuration application and go to "General"
  2. Now go to "Text size"
  3. Adjust the slider to the right (or left) according to the desired font size for mail and some other text in iOS

The toggle font size screen looks comparable in all modern versions of iOS.

Expand or reduce the size of email text in iOS 6

iOS 6 made the increase in text size more universal, and Mail settings will also improve other applications:

  • Open Settings and go to "General" followed by "Accessibility"
  • Touch "Large text" and then decide the suitable text size for your requirements (OFF is the default value, 20pt-24pt is reasonable for most people, and 32pt and higher are quite large)
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