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What is Binary MLM Software?

Author: Leesa Daisy
by Leesa Daisy
Posted: Dec 14, 2019

Binary MLM Software is a web application plan that provides value to all the members present down-line by managing their income with the concept of equality. The active people will be able to gain profit with ease. Binary MLM Software will be adaptable for every type of MLM companies regardless of their sizes.

Binary Plan

Binary Plan is an MLM Plan where the MLM leads gets added to infinite down-line. The new distributors are placed on the left and right legs under the scheme of two-legged structure where one subtree is known as the power leg and the other is known as the profit leg. Thus the tree expands in a well-balanced way.

The way Binary MLM Plan works

In Binary MLM Plan a member has to recruit two other members under them, which at a high time will lead to the large expansion of the network in a short period. The tree of a Binary network plan will have two legs- left and right. But, if a member recruits more than two, then the additional member will be added to the next member down-line.

This concept allows the additional member to be shared with down-line member (power leg) and the one who recruited them. This is referred to as spillover. With respect to profit leg, there won't be a spillover as the profit leg will be expanded with individually sponsored downlines. The binary plan mostly quantity oriented and not based on the levels.

Commission Calculation

The commission calculation is done based on the Business volume. For this process, a MLM Binary calculator can be used calculate the Binary calculations in a precise manner.

The calculation for generating commission is done based on whichever team or leg consist the minimal volume. A percentage will be drawn out of the least volume and every member will be paid based on that. So, the profit will also be dependent on the sales of downline members.

For example, if the left leg has a lower volume, then the calculation will be done based on its volume only. Then the right leg will carry a point for the next commission.

A complete package of Binary MLM Software along with Binary MLM plan calculator will ease the commission calculation work.

Bonuses in the Binary Plan

To make the team motivated and active, the Binary MLM companies offer various compensations. In order to increase the overall stability of the binary networking system, certain companies may limit the payout. But there are options to makes changes in the plan in your customizable Binary MLM Script.

Sponsor Bonus

Also called as the referral Bonus- It is the benefit that the user gets by adding new members to the binary tree.

Different packages are provided by the companies while registration. So, the referral package commission will be completely based on the package chosen by the down-line members. The commission will be credited directly to the e-wallet upon the completion of the registration process of the members present down the line.

Binary Bonus

After adding members down-line equally on both the legs with active members will help the user to get a bonus based on the work of down-line members, this is referred to as Binary Bonus.

Matching Bonus

The matching is nothing but a plan that helps all the sponsors gain quality income from their down-line members. It can be simply explained as the bonus received for introducing new members.

Advantages of Binary MLM Plan

  • It brings more payouts.

  • The Binary plan pays to infinite Down-line.

  • Easy and fast expansion of Binary tree.

  • Binary plan is driven based on volume.

  • Spillover scheme allows every other present in a tree to get benefited.

  • Builds team unity in a network.

  • Binary plan has potential generational earnings.

  • Helps all level of marketers to achieve success.

Why Pulsehyip?

Pulsehyip is a well developed Binary MLM Script provider with all the necessities required for a small scale or large scale MLM Business. The Binary MLM script contains customizable features to make it unique and also profitable for the owner and the user of the network. Get a free consultation from our technicians to get more details.

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