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Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Author: Sergio Stone
by Sergio Stone
Posted: Jan 03, 2020
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When choosing a vanity for the bathroom, US residents prefer a double sink solution. In New York, double units are also gaining popularity. When is this option optimal? And when the installation will be relevant? We will review further.

Why do we need a double sink set? As a rule, the morning for most families is the time to wash and tidy up after sleep. And this time is always limited. A two sink will help resolve this situation.

Double sink vanity for the bathroom: yes or no?

Two sink units differ in materials. The main materials for the manufacture of such sinks are ceramics and marble.

Ceramic sink is the most common type of sink for the bathroom. It has a beautiful appearance. Ceramics is an environmentally friendly material that is not afraid of scratches, but remains fragile. Unfortunately, with careless handling, severe damage can appear on it, after which it cannot be repaired. The Lexora product range includes solutions with many models with ceramic sinks. For example, Dukes 84 inch, Amelie 60 inch

Products made of marble have increased resistance to physical damage, ultraviolet, humidity and other environmental influences. Due to the plasticity of the initial composition, it is possible to obtain products of unique design forms that are unavailable for ordinary sanitary ceramics.

The material is absolutely safe for health, resistant to pollution. It is very easy to care for. It is enough to wipe it with soap suds or gel cleaners, but it is better to avoid abrasive sponges and powders. Small scratches on the sink made of cast marble can be eliminated with a special repair kit.

Our range includes Wyndham Collection 60 Inch Double Bathroom Vanity, Blossom Jena 48 Inch Marble Top Vanity, Blossom Rome 60 Inch Vanity Cabinet and so on.

Sure, best option for the bathroom will be a double sink complete with a cabinet. First of all, it is practical, since bathroom accessories can be stored in the cabinet. Also, the appearance of the kit is more harmonious and will fit into the interior more successfully. Curbstones under a sink are made of moisture resistant chipboard. These materials protect the product from moisture.

The double sink is an original solution for large families. It will help both save time and allow you to spend it together in the morning and evening procedures. But if your bathroom is less than 25 square feets and few people live in the apartment, then we recommend that you pay attention to other solutions. We have a wide range of beautiful sets of furniture for the bathroom that succinctly fit into small bathrooms. Visit our website or come to our showroom in Brooklyn directly to get the best deals. We have a great range and collections of double sink bathroom vanities of all sizes as well as single bathroom vanities from the leading European brands. For example, Socimobel, Lexora, Blossom, etc. Our kind and professional managers will help you to make the proper choice. So you will be satisfied and your vanity will serve you many years.

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