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How to change cartridges to the HP printer

Author: Zenith Sez
by Zenith Sez
Posted: Dec 16, 2019

Most ink cartridges have a small strip of protective tape covering the print nozzle. This tape locks the nozzle to prevent the ink from spilling during storage or shipping. If it is not removed, the cartridge will not be able to print.

Remove the cartridge from the HP printer

Remove the cartridge from the printer and look for the ribbon. Its color may vary depending on the cartridge model. Do not remove other stickers or labels. They seal it so that the ink does not dry out. If you remove the label, the ink may dry quickly.

Leave the old cartridges installed in the printer until you are ready to replace them, to avoid drying the print head nozzles.

Do not remove the ink cartridges from the package until you are ready to install them. The cartridges are hermetically packed to guarantee their reliability. Lift the scanner part of the printer to expose the print head, the mobile part of the printer that contains the ink cartridges.

Important: Do not touch the print head or white tape and wait for the print head to stop before continuing.

Restart the ink cartridge counter

The HP printer may not recognize the new ink cartridge or the ink meter may read it as empty. Many HP printers have a cartridge reset feature that forces the machine to recognize the cartridge as new. For example, to reset the cartridge on some HP models, press and hold the "Clean" or "Load / Eject" button for three seconds.

Lift the clamp that holds the cartridge in place, but do not remove it from the printer. Close the clip and press "Load / Eject" again. Consult the printer user manual to learn how to restart the device

Check if the cartridge is empty

Press the Stop button. This is the button with an inverted triangle in a circle at the right end of the control panel. Now you should be able to see if the cartridge is empty. Continue to press the button to check each cartridge in turn. Take the new replacement cartridge and shake it four or five times while it's still in the package.

Remove the cartridge from the package. Remove only the yellow tab from the new cartridge.

Perform an extended cleaning cycle

If the ink cartridge has been stored for a long time, the ink may have started to dry out. Performing a prolonged cleaning cycle may solve the problem and help the printer recognize the cartridge. Check the printer to find a "Clean" button and press it or hold it for a few seconds. Read the device manual to learn how to perform a cleaning cycle on your machine. After executing it, print a test page to determine if the printer can print again.

Install the new cartridge

Be careful not to remove other parts from the cartridge or touch the green chip. Otherwise, the cartridge may malfunction. Returning to the printer, squeeze the empty cartridge between your fingers to release the plastic tab on the back. Pull the cartridge up to remove it. Put the old cartridge in a suitable recycling container later. Insert the new unpacked cartridge into space. Press down until it clicks into place. Repeat this procedure until all empty cartridges are replaced. In the event of contact with the eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water.

Start the charging process

Close the printer and press the Stop button. This will start the ink refill process for 2-5 minutes. The power light will begin to flash and, while the printer is doing this, do not turn it off or unplug it. When the power light stops flashing and stays on, the installation will be complete. Never turn off the product while the power indicator is flashing or ink will be wasted.

If an error screen appears indicating that an ink cartridge is not installed correctly, lift the scanner unit and press the cartridge until it clicks into place. When finished, press the OK button.

If you remove an out-of-print or low-ink cartridge, you cannot reinstall the cartridge and use it. In the event that an ink cartridge is removed for future use, protect the ink supply area from dust and dirt and store it in the same environment as the printer. The valve in the ink supply hole is designed to hold excess ink; do not touch the ink supply hole or the surrounding area. Always store ink cartridges with the label facing up and do not turn them upside down.

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