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Web Designer Or Web Developer : Who Should You Hire?

Author: Adam Mathewz
by Adam Mathewz
Posted: Dec 21, 2019

Having a website for your enterprise can be a challenging task, especially if you do not know whom to hire. There are different types of web professionals these days who specialise in various fields. To hire the right person, you need to know who these professionals are and what the requirements are for your project. Types Of Web Professionals Front-end developers: Front-end developers focus on creating tools to enhance and improve user experience. They also ensure that your website is scalable and works on multiple browsers and devices.

Back-end developers: Back-end developers focus on creating content management systems, data management tools and security features. A good back-end developer ensures that your site is secure, that it's running smoothly without technical failures. Web designers: Web designers focus on making your website visually appealing to visitors. They ensure that more and more people visit your site and like it. Web team: A web team comprises more than one professional. It may consist of a developer and a designer or multiple developers or designers. How To Decide What Your Project Requires? Hire a back-end web developer when you need a new website for your project. If it's an e-commerce or content development website where you need someone to manage your data, a back-end developer is also perfect for you. Hire a front-end developer when you need a layout for your new website. A front-end developer will create a site that users can easily navigate. Hire a web designer when you need a design for your new website, or you need to improve on your existing site. A web designer will add new images to your site and give it a makeover to make it look like new. S/he will come up with new strategies to promote your brand through your website. Hire a web team when you need to develop both the front-end and back-end of your website. If you want a new website for your project and also want it to be attractive from the start, hiring a web team may be a good idea. However, hiring a web team may not work for you if you have design ideas of your own because you cannot choose your designer based on your ideas. When Not To Hire A Web Designer? Hiring a web developer and a designer or hiring a team means you will have to spend a lot of money on each individual that you hire. So here are some instances when you should not hire a web designer. If your business is a startup: If your business is new and your budget is limited, you can opt-out a web designer. Hire a web developer to build a functional website for you. Use your resources wisely and spend your money somewhere else. If it's a small project: If you need a website for a small project that is not going to earn you a lot of money, do not hire a web designer. Unnecessarily spending money can be detrimental to your business. If you already have a big team: If you already have a big team of qualified professionals, the chances are that you may also have someone qualified to create a website design for you. Many web developers also have some experience in design. In that case, you can assign the task to someone and avoid the hassle of hiring someone new. If your website is not the primary focus: If you do not wish to focus on your company's website, that is, it is not a part of your marketing strategy hiring a web designer may not be necessary for you. Can You Design A Website Without A Web Designer? The answer is yes. These days many platforms facilitate website designing. If you do not have a designer to work for you, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can easily design your website by yourself without having any coding or designing experience. Platforms like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly help you create your site at a minimal cost. Platforms like WordPress even let you do it for you. You can add plugins, extensions and other features that are already existing on these platforms to make your site look somewhat professional. Ultimately, hiring a web developer or a designer will not reflect your brand just as much as your products will. If you provide quality services to all your customers and keep them satisfied, it will assure them about your brand. Having a top-class website but failing to provide quality services will reduce your customer base and they will not visit your site a second time. Your business will flourish when you can strike a balance between the two. Your success will depend on your strategy to satisfy your customers and save your money as well.

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