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Image Banner Ads Vs Video Banner Ads

Author: James Bolte
by James Bolte
Posted: Dec 22, 2019

Image banner ads are extremely common form of advertisements that are used by businesses all over the world. Compared to that, video banner ad is a relatively new phenomenon that is also producing really great results for the business firms. If you look at YouTube, you will most likely find video ads crafted by numerous brands that are already doing the rounds there. While television adverts have been there for decades, these video banner ads are especially made for the online world. The truth is that most people these days tend to make use of the internet when they are looking to do research for a certain type of product prior to buying them. For this reason, business firms make use of both image banner ads and video banner ads to lure in more and more customers and enhance their sales.

One of the things that you will need to decide when you are planning your digital marketing campaign is whether you should use image banner ads or video banner ads. Most companies tend to use both as they can deliver optimum results when used together. That being said, you must know about the effectiveness of these advertisement methods if you are looking to enhance your profit margins.

Image Banner Ads Or Video Banner Ads – Which Are More Effective?

When comparing between image banner ads and video banner ads, it can be easily surmised that image banner ads are much more limited when it comes to what they can communicate to the viewers. On the other hand, videos are capable of communicating entire stories and concepts. When consumers see a video ad, they become deeply immersed into the story of the brand and start to really care for what it has to offer in terms of value rather than solely focusing on its products and services. Therefore videos naturally help to captivate the viewers in a much more profound manner.

Therefore it can be said that videos are typically much more superior when compared to the traditional banner ads. This is also especially true for brands that predominantly work as a visual company. Brands that deal with clothing items, flowers, gardening, book illustration and real estate can especially benefit from video banner ads. This is because traditional image banner ads can hardly do justice to products that these companies have to offer. Videos on the other hand can easily capture the products from various angles so that potential customers can easily know what they are looking at.Another major issue with traditional image banner ads is that most of us have become somewhat immune to them. Banner ads have been in use for a long time and plenty of people do not even notice that they are there. Such immunity to image banners has given rise to the term of banner blindness. The video ads on the other hand is a new kind of advert which means that people are not that immune to them and they can definitely help a lot when it comes to boosting the sales is a website that provides tips and information on various categories including business, technology, health, society and living. These news updates and tips in bestinfo-log are intended to help people in daily living. For more details on article categories, visit

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