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Want to get rid of your old and used Business Phones?Telecom Recycle will help you

Author: Chris Klow
by Chris Klow
Posted: Dec 23, 2019

The telecom industry has seen many changes in the last decade. Telecom equipment which was used to fit a decade ago doesn’t work right now or is outdated. The most common example is of landline telephones. These telephones were a revolution back in the day but as time went by, they were causing businesses a hell lot of money plus with the introduction of wireless technology has not helped the cause. The telecom industry is developing, so wireless phones have replaced bulky telephones. There are also other factors which are the reasons why business phones are outdated because the company going out of business, company downsizing, mergers, cost-cutting leads to a surplus requirement.

Here is a quick statistic about telecom recycle to help you understand the scenario in the US market:

"According to a study from the United Nations International Telecommunication Union, only 20% of the telecom equipment has been recycled."

Maintaining used business phones will take up labor, money and plenty of space. Don’t lose hope as old and used business phones still have some value in the market. If you are an organization and looking to get rid of the old equipment, then this article will help you gain some important insights about telecom recycle:

Reuse Your Old Telecom Equipment

This is the most obvious choice to reuse your telephone equipment. This method won’t work on every device and will depend on the organization. You can reuse VoIP equipment to an extent if they are in the working condition. The main idea is to reuse every part as it would save both money and time. The time-consuming part of this scenario would be to sort out the useful assets from surplus ones.

Donate Used Telephone Equipment

This practice is uncommon but many organizations willingly donate their excess telecom equipment to NGOs and other charity events. Donating works well for companies who have used but working telephone equipment that can be reused easily.

Sell Your Excess Telecom Equipment

This most popular step is to sell used phone equipment. Organizations can begin by approaching the distributor to start with the selling process. But the major downside of private selling is a monotonous process which requires a lot of luck. Many companies are forced to sell surplus equipment lower than the market value.

Start Auctions for Used Telephone Equipment

This is a rare method but works quite well which is to hold an auction for excess telecom equipment. The bidding game works best for old equipment or those who are in high demand. By using auction the organizations will have complete control over the selling process and get access to buyers directly.

Recycle Your Telecom Equipment

Recycling works well if the device is damaged and is not in the condition to be reused. If you are looking to recycle your telecom equipment then always look for an ITAD company. If recycling is not done properly then it would cost you extra funds which you don’t want.

Now, for all the above pointers, as an organization, you can face problems while practicing these methods. In this case, an ITAD company would ensure that your telecom equipment is disposed of safely. Any material which is found while disposing of will be returned to the owner. Organizations can connect with telecom recycle companies which will take care of selling, donating to the recycling of used phone equipment which will provide you with a monetary benefit.

About the Author

I am Chris Klow, Owner of Telecom Recycle, is a leading IT asset and disposition company specialized in buying and recycling of redundant business telephone systems and handsets.

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Author: Chris Klow

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