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Know About Vacuum Excavation and The Safety Norms You Need To Follow

Author: Mark Tylaor
by Mark Tylaor
Posted: Dec 24, 2019

What Is Vacuum Excavation?

The vacuum excavation is a process in which the land or ground is dug with the help of a vacuum. This is performed with high-pressure of air and water. It is a process in which soil is removed from it with the help of vacuum suction by the high pressure. The material which is collected through the suction is collected in a debris tank. The suction and the whole process is done with a vehicle which is known as a suction excavator which performs "soft digging". This method is said to be a safer method as compared to the hand digging method. In this process, the safety of the workers is completely ensured. The soft digging method prevents many harmful things which include trench cave-ins and accidental line damage. This method is majorly used for identifying the accurate depth. This process is also known as the alternative of the hand digging method and is used by the companies as an alternative to the hand digging method. There are two types of vacuum excavation which are air vacuum excavation and hydro vacuum excavation.

Moreover, you can contact the suction excavation contractors if you need a suction excavator.


The hydro vacuum excavation is the process of uncovering the underground materials with the help of a high-speed vacuum as well as the high-pressure water. The hydro vacuum excavation process is the faster process compared to the air vacuum process. Moreover, the process is the most efficient one among all the other vacuum excavation types. In the hydro excavation process, the soil which is dug out cannot be used for refilling the hole.


In the air vacuum excavation process, the underground material is uncovered with the help of compressed air. In this process, the hole which is dug can be refilled with the dry material. The soil, which is gathered while digging is sent to the debris tank. You can also browse the internet for vacuum excavation hire.


Here are the safety norms which should be followed while excavating. They are listed below.

  • The very first step is to mark all the underground utilities. This can be done with the help of the one-call center. This activity will help the diggers in digging only one hole which would be required. It will also help in preventing the hazards which can occur while digging or suction.
  • The diggers should use all the personal safety equipment which are provided by their company or by the utility safety policy. The safety equipment generally includes safety glasses, hard hat, rain suit, steel-toe boots, face shield, hearing protection, gloves.
  • Moreover, the diggers should set a safety perimeter which should have limited access. Also, the diggers should consider a splash guard before starting to dig a hole.
  • When the diggers start digging, then they should not have a stand near the hole. This is so because the hole gets larger and deeper as it gets dug. Cave-ins happen at this point, so the diggers should take care of it.
  • If the diggers are using high-pressure air or high-pressure water, then the correct amount of pressure should be used. If you will use pressure more than required, then it can damage the utilities.
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