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Is Adaware Antivirus Good Enough for Laptop?

Author: Top Brands Compare
by Top Brands Compare
Posted: Dec 29, 2019
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Using a laptop without an AV program would be the biggest mistake especially in this world of wide-spreading e-threats. Adaware free antivirus is probably the best Antivirus For PC and Laptop when it comes to affordability. Whether you are using a Mac or Windows laptop, Adaware Free Antivirus is compatible with both. It includes safety features to stand against ghastly malware attacks and in fact offers premium Internet and Network safety for a free trial period.

Let's have a look at the benefits offered by Adaware Antivirus Free -

Light Weight: Adaware Free Antivirus is very light in size and occupies very little space in the system. The size of the application is about 3.23MB.

Compatibility: Adaware Free Antivirus is fully compatible with all versions of windows and macOS. In fact, the program is also eligible for co-existing with other safeguard applications on the same device. For example- Windows Defender in Windows 10.

Less Power Consumption: Adaware Antivirus Free works continuously in the system background to provide protection and despite continuous working, it leaves minimal impact on the power resource.

Affordable: Adaware Free Antivirus is completely free and offers baseline protection against malware, but if one wants to enjoy more premium features, they can opt for the pro version which also comes for a 15days free trial.

Usability: Adaware Free Antivirus is designed with an easy interface that is user-friendly and straightforward. Any users with less technical experience can utilize this application facing no difficulty.

Perhaps the best Antivirus for both laptop and PC, Adaware Antivirus Free is very easy to download and install. The whole process takes a couple of minutes in total. Once the program is activated on the system, it starts acting as a defensive shield to resist all hypothetical attacks of digital-threats. The highlighting features offered by Adaware Free Antivirus are-

  • Real-Time Threat Protection:

Artificial intelligence stays always observant to detect threats and sense the opportunity of threats. It instantly sends alert to the user to prevent the potentiality.

  • Malware Scanner:

Adaware Free Antivirus Features a powerful scan engine that scrutinized every corner of the system to find out malicious content and immediately eliminates such files to assure safety.

  • Behavioral Analysis:

The behavioral analysis of Adaware Antivirus Free detects PUA files and system weakness and takes immediate restorative measures to fix the vulnerability.

  • Download Scanner:

This best Antivirus runs an acute scanning of the downloaded files and proactively notifies the user if there is something fishy with the file.

  • System Optimization:

During scanning and eliminating the malware files, Adaware Free Antivirus also takes out a total analysis of the junk files including cache, temporary internet files, duplicate files and other unnecessary files that occupy extra storage. It eliminates such junk files along with malware files and frees extra memory which further optimizes the system by reducing the RAM load. It industry reduces over battery consumption and the system hardly faces inconveniences like slowdowns or heat-ups.

Users can upgrade to the next tier of Adaware Free Antivirus that is Adware Antivirus Pro. This has to be considered as one of the best Antivirus for PC and laptop as it includes premium safety features to offer extra steadfast protection. They are-

  • Strong Firewall With Network Protection to avoid intruder's prying activities and the attacks of botnet servers.
  • 24/7 Priority Technical Support through telephonic and Email Conversation.
  • Web Protection that includes HTTPS monitor, Anti-fraud, Identity safety, Payment Protection, Shopping safety, Anti-phishing, Ad-blocker, Browser history cleaner, Blocking of harmful websites and malicious loading and many more.
  • Email protection to avoid cryptographic malicious content conveyed through the attachments.

Both Adaware Antivirus Free and Pro are the best Antivirus for laptop and PC users. They are not only accurate in virus detection but also champions in reducing the hypothetical attacks. They are programmed for automatic updates and comes with minimal system requirements such as MS Windows installer variant should be at least 4.5, 1.8GB available space in the hard disk, 1.6MHz processor and 1GB RAM.

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