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The Pc Does Not Turn On Anymore? Useful Solutions And Tips

Author: Saddham Hussain
by Saddham Hussain
Posted: Dec 29, 2019
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If you landed on this page of my blog, surely the pc won't turn on anymore, guessed it? Good (i.e. bad!), Let's see together what are the main causes that prevent the correct startup of the computer, the solutions and the actions to follow to start the cure for this malfunction.

Test And Nature Of The Problem

The failure to power on the problem can have 2 reasons: it can be a hardware problem or a software problem.

The software problem is somewhat resolvable, while the hardware problem is the worst, as we will have to repair the pc or unfortunately.

The hardware reasons why the PC no longer switches us on can be "internal", ie components such as processor, ram, power supply or motherboard/video, or a battery failure. The darkened screen is truly remote as a possibility.

The reasons for not leaving the computer due to "software damage" may be due to any corruption of the operating system, either due to failed installations or failed updates, or to virus infection.

Remedies And Possible Solutions For Laptops

Let's start with the worst-case scenario: it could be a hardware problem because of some component has broken.

First I would test the correct functioning of the battery: very often the batteries go into hysteresis or break and this blocks the start of the PC. The classic phenomenon is that by trying to turn on the PC, this does not respond, by not turning on any LEDs nor having any fan in motion.

The quickest and the most logical solution is to try to start the computer without a battery, connecting it only to the power supply (the charger).

The second thing is the ram memory. This is one of the most delicate components. To verify that it is one of these, I would open the computer/laptop, and try to understand how many banks of ram are present. If there are more than 1, I would try to understand if it was one of these that burned, trying them one at a time in the rotation. If you have only one bank, the test cannot obviously be done.

The hard disk has broken! To understand if the hard drive has become damaged, we can try to replace the hard drive with a new one. The fact is that if the hard disk breaks, in general, the PC starts just as much that signals you acoustically or graphically. If your laptop or computer doesn't start, it hardly depends on your hard drive (the same goes for RAM!).

Check for any connected peripherals: the fault does not always belong to the PC, but sometimes it happened to me that some customers had brought me the gold computer telling me that it did not start and once it was put on the counter, the PC was working correctly.

After many analyzes and an initial frustration for not identifying any problems, it happened that they understood that they always had USB sticks connected or other peripherals that had been damaged, they created power failures (going to ground) and preventing the departure.

Remedies And Possible Solutions For Stationary Computers

It being understood that what previously said for laptops also applies to stationary PCs (except for the case of the battery, which they do not have!), In this case, the nature of the fault can be extended to other factors. Let's see them together:

Burnt power supply: this is a classic. The first thing I would check if the PC no longer turns on and is fixed is the food itself. To understand if it works, you need to have a tester, capable of checking the voltage coming out of the various connectors. If, on the other hand, you can go to a computer repair shop, you may ask if you could lend you a grocery, or buy a very cheap one if that is enough, it only takes a few tens of euros. I found this test guide and it seems well done!

Check if the cables are working! Many times I happened to find SATA / PATA cables that had broken and we're not starting the computer. To verify that the connections are not damaged, check-in your old motherboard box and take a new shoe. Otherwise "prey" on the reader/burner. Now just connect the hard disk and try the start.

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The video card: if you have one integrated into the motherboard and a dedicated one, remove the latter, in order to verify that it is not really the cause of the problem. If you have a PC with only one video card integrated with the motherboard, alas, you cannot test it directly.

Software damage: the pc no longer turns on!

This is the case in which we can intervene and repair the computer, both fixed and portable, having as the worst-case scenario, that of data loss on the 'hard disk, if we are unable to eradicate the virus or the problem ( formatting required ).

First, we must try to start the PC in safe mode. If the computer does not start, we can try to replace the hard disk, as mentioned above and reclaim it separately. If, on the other hand, the computer gives signs of life and still loads the home screen, we can try to access safe mode

CCleaner: the first thing to do is to try to repair the log file. Using this popular program, you will be able to find various system corruptions and fix them. I hope this is enough for you.

If CCleaner did not work (you can also try other programs to repair Windows, but download only the most famous ones!), Once started again, we immediately proceed to scan to find virus infections. The most practical way is to use a professional online antivirus, but you will need to have an internet connection.

Otherwise, use the installed one or install an excellent one (not free ones).

If the damage persists and the PC still does not start correctly, you can resort to "strong manners" by attaching the hard disk to another PC and formatting it from " My Computer " (in Windows 8 they are called " This PC "). Right-click and format, fast or classic, is indifferent.

I hope this mini-guide for tracing faults and/or damage to PCs when you do not want to start can help and inspire you. If you can't get to grips with it, write it in the comments that I will answer as soon as possible. I hope that your computer will finally be able to turn on and work properly

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