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Top Beauty Products – Buying Guide

Author: Alex Joe
by Alex Joe
Posted: Dec 27, 2019
beauty products

The beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing industries out there. By introducing new products all the time, the brands are competing for the customers’ attention.

Therefore, people can find beauty products for nearly every occasion. Whether they are looking for skincare products, fragrances or make-up, there are plenty of choices on the market. However, the real struggle is finding the exact product that works for the customer and matches their budget.

To assist you with this, in the following paragraphs, we’ll go through the top beauty products this year and show you what to consider while shopping for them. So, enjoy!

Top 5 Beauty Products This Year

Depending on the ingredients and effects, there are a variety of products that serve for a similar purpose. Yet every brand adds their touch into the products, differentiating them from the others. That’s why people should carefully observe them before buying them. Here is a list of some of those that turned out to be popular among users in the passing year.

Supergoop! Shimmershade Eyeshadow by Sephora

This is a cream that can be utilized for multiple things. Firstly, it acts as a shimmering cover for people’s eyelids, giving them a glittering effect.

As it can be bought in 4 shades, it can be put as a regular shadow or as a base. Either way, users can apply it by themselves. Another detail is the SPF 30, which protects the skin from the sun. It’s accompanied by chamomile that soothes the skin and keeps it hydrated.

Aside from all of this, it should be noted that users report certain cons. The main ones are related to the big amount of glitter, which many people aren’t fond of.

Skin active Soothing Cleansing Milk by Garnier

After wearing make-up for long, people need a painless and efficient way to remove it. Garnier

  • s skin active milk serves for this purpose.

It’s made with rose water without any dyes, silicones, and parabens. Because of this, it’s suitable for sensitive skin. Also, the skin maintains its moisture. Therefore, it feels smooth after applying the milk.

As a possible downside of this product, people state the fact that sometimes when the make-up around the eyes is too strong, it can be hard for the milk to remove it whole.

Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick by Ulta

Users that are looking for a long-lasting lipstick that provides a nice color will find pleasure in this product. According to the company and the users, the matte color stays on for up to 8 hours straight.

With the built-in sharpener, it enables the buyers to use it at all times of the day. However, people say that the long tip may cause trouble with precision.

Another thing that should be considered is the fact that it resists smudges. And it can be bought in 12 shades.

Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots Ampoules by Pantene

This is a product meant for hair treatment. Usually, users apply it before or after going to the hairdresser to keep the moisture of the hair. Moreover, the product contains natural glycerin and lipids for strengthening to stop split ends and possible breakage.

Although it appeared on the Brazilian market, nowadays it’s spreading to other corners of the world. Also, it has an affordable price.

On the other hand, there are some cons to think about. For one, if used too often, like with any strong conditioner, it may lead to hair loss.

Light Complete Speed??Night Yogurt Sleeping Mask by Garnier

Taking care of the skin before going to sleep is as important as during the day. That’s when the skin should be revitalized. Because of this, Garnier introduced its mask made of yogurt.

Aside from cleansing the face, it makes the skin softer and stronger. Also, when applied carefully all over the face, it reduces the black circles around the eyes. So, it was made like a face mask with extracts from lemon, vitamin C, and yogurt probiotics.

One detail that users found troublesome, though, was the fact that it isn’t recommended to put it very close to the eyes.

Buying Guide – Things to Consider

Beauty products have become a necessity in the modern time we live in. They help people feel more confident, look even more beautiful, and have skin that is well-taken care of. However, not all products can help them achieve this. That’s why, before purchasing a product, there are some factors to have in mind.

  • Health – This is vital when getting products like these. The ingredients in them should contain vitamins and be able to help the skin rather than making it worse. So, look carefully into the contents when choosing.
  • Samples – It’s wise to try the products out before buying them if there is a chance for this.
  • Strength – People purchase these for a reason, so they should make sure that what they buy has the strength to act on the skin or face and make a real change.
A Final Word

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you use beauty products? Which brand is your favorite? Share your opinions and experiences with us.

About the Author

Alex Joe is a content marketer & journalist who formerly worked out of Flix Expo. He writes eBooks, which considering where you’re reading this, makes really perfect sense from his kin

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