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Video Conferencing Systems In Chennai

Author: Venkatasubramanian Ganesan
by Venkatasubramanian Ganesan
Posted: Jan 01, 2020

Nexgen IT Solutions and Services provides comprehensive services for the selection, installation and commissioning of video and audio conferencing elements:

  • The initial demonstration of all the capabilities of video conferencing in the show room.
  • Selection of the best solutions according to the requirements of the company in the format: price, quality, functionality.
  • Delivery, installation and configuration of hardware and software turnkey.
  • Maintenance.

Our Cisco partner company offers video conferencing solutions using Cisco and Polycom equipment. The construction of any complexity of videoconferencing solutions with a demonstration of development prototypes is provided by the availability of demonstration equipment and Cisco authorization - ATP Express Video.

The company also chooses Polycom solutions to provide more efficient and productive remote communication and collaboration between geographically distributed work groups.

Among our clients using VKS effectively are large mining and metallurgical enterprises, communication providers, medical and banking institutions.

Basic principles of corporate video conferencing:

Video conferencing (VKS) is a unique telecommunication technology used to organize video conferencing between multiple subscribers using a data network. Interactive exchange of audiovisual information during a video conference allows you to transfer all kinds of computer and telemetry data, as well as demonstrate objects and documents using additional cameras.

The transmission of streaming information with encoding / decoding operations of signals is performed using standardized audio codecs and video codecs. Visualization of conference participants, separated by large geographical distances, provides an effective exchange of business and business information.

The creation of a stable working infrastructure consisting of a set of standard devices provides the possibility of regular video conferencing. The use of a standard set consisting of cameras, microphones, sound amplifiers, screens and transmitting equipment allows you to create a stably functioning infrastructure that allows you to regularly conduct video conferencing sessions. The minimum requirement for the possibility of video conferencing is the availability of channels from 512 Kbit / s, and for high-quality video, a channel with parameters from 1 Mbit / s is required.

The videoconferencing terminal used for video conferencing consists of a video camera, microphone, video information display devices and sound stream, as well as a codec that provides high-quality encoding / decoding of the data stream. The role of the codec can be played by a computer with special software or a separate hardware-software complex. The number of participants in a video conference is expanded using a video server, which is a multipoint video conferencing device.

Ways to implement video conferencing systems

Today, experts divide the implementation model of the videoconferencing system into three types:

  • Solution highlighted. It works in the customer’s network and is completely controlled by it;
  • The solution is cloudy. Videoconferencing is provided through the use of Internet infrastructure. The company uses its own computers to process data. The most common example is Skype;
  • The solution is hybrid. When choosing this method, both of the above systems are used. For example, the company uses internal video conferencing systems to communicate within the company, as well as cloud services to be able to connect external subscribers and, if necessary, conduct large video conferences for which the capacity of its own system is insufficient.

Types of video conferencing systems

Specialists distinguish three main types of video conferencing systems:

    • Personal. Used for individual operation - all the necessary equipment is assembled in one housing. The most profitable solution for small businesses. Most often, data is transmitted via IP networks, but if necessary, ISDN connections can be used. Equipment installation and adjustment is carried out without the use of expert services;
    • For several participants. The most sought-after product offered by our company. Video conferencing equipment can be installed in the meeting room or in a small conference room. The equipment is installed on a monitor or a special stand. It is possible to connect special devices that significantly increase the functionality of the system. Data is transmitted via IP or ISDN networks. The simultaneous use of both channels can be applied;
    • Integrated video conferencing. The most advanced option from a technical point of view. Often used in large conference rooms. An individual system is being developed for each project, which fully meets the requirements of the client. All additional features are used: organization of multipoint conferences, video transmission from various cameras. Both the IP environment and the ISDN environment are used. The correct organization of such video conferencing systems is possible only when using the services of professionals.

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