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Time For Replacement of Tyres: Know Why And When

Author: James Anderson
by James Anderson
Posted: Jan 05, 2020

When it comes to checking the condition of the car or assessing its performance, tyres are one of the significant components to inspect. Like walking long distances for an extended period of time can make the feet sore; similarly, tyres get worn out over years of use. Even the best of tyres come with validity and tend to wear off, affecting the functioning of the vehicle. You might have to bear grave consequences in case these essentials are not taken care of at regular intervals.

Why do Tyres Require to be Replaced?

a). Alignment issues would lead to uneven wearing off the tyres

b). Harsh driving conditions like potholes, bumps, etc.

c). Driving at a higher speed may increase the wear and tear

d). Rash driving styles could also affect the condition of the tyres

e). Excessive load on the car may contribute to its wear

f). Over or under inflation may also increase the wear

How do You Know It’s Time for a Replacement?

1. Checking the Depth of the Tread

It is essential to check the depth of the tread yourself or with the help of an expert. In case of inadequate tread depth, the tyres should be swapped with a new set to avoid affecting the handling of the vehicle.

2. The Grip of the Tyre

A good grip of a tyre on the surface of the road may be a result of many factors like the tread pattern, appropriate steering linkage, proper wheel alignment, the type of rubber compound, and even the inflation pressure.

3. Cracks in the Sidewall

A visual check for cracks or cuts in the sidewall grooves could be a clear sign that the tyre is developing a leak. This may be indicative of the need for a change of the tyres.

4. Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Improper wheel balancing and alignment could be a result of worn-out tyres. Hence, it is essential to get it checked by professionals to conclude. This could also lead to excessive vibration, which proves out to be too dangerous for the driver as well as the passengers on board.

5. Blisters and Bulges on the Tyre

The outer surface of the tyres may sometimes weaken, resulting in a sudden blowout. A check should be made on any of these to ensure safety at all times.

6. Keep a Note of the Kilometres

Number of kilometres helps in roughly deciphering the condition the tyres are in.

7. Frequency of Punctures

The rubber tread gets exhausted with the frequent use of tyres making for the easy entry of broken glasses or nails. A thicker Michelin Tyres Oxford tread would obstruct the entry of such objects. Frequent tyre punctures may be a clear indication for the need of replacement of the old tyres with new ones.

Proper care and maintenance of the tyres could ensure a smooth driving experience. It could also help increase the longevity of the tyres and help reduce any additional expenses.

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