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Which Tyres Are Best For Driving In Cold Weathers?

Author: James Anderson
by James Anderson
Posted: Jan 06, 2020

A majority of car owners often overlook an essential aspect of their car. Although engine, clutch and brakes are an integral part of your everyday driving, you cannot possibly drive a vehicle without an efficient set of tyres.

As you all know that winters have arrived, so, you must go for tyre shopping, in order to achieve optimum winter performance from your cars. If you decide to keep on travelling with your regular tyres, you will be putting at risk, your car’s fuel economy as well its gripping capabilities. We have designed this exceptional blog to make you aware of the perks of buying winter tyres and how they affect your car’s performance.

What are Winter Tyres?

As you know that summers demand a dry grip performance from your tyres. Similarly, winter tyres are made with a softer compound to achieve next level of traction and smoothness on snowy roads. Moreover, a majority of winter tyres contain a special silica compound to enhance your car’s braking and gripping capabilities.

If you decide to buy an efficient set of winter tyres from Continental, Pirelli and Bridgestone, you will also get M+S support. Premium tyre manufacturers produce winter tyres with mud and snow (M+S) support. Therefore, if you like to drive on wide winter terrains, then winter tyres should be on your shopping list.

Benefits of Buying Winter Tyres

1. Compatible with Low Temperatures

As you know, winters bring along a chilling atmosphere with them. According to research, your regular summer tyres cannot survive in such freezing weather. This is because summer tyres cannot function below 7 degrees of temperatures. Whereas, winter tyres have a special tread compound to help it provide you with optimum performance even in -20 degrees of temperature.

2. Ultimate Traction

In order to achieve better gripping and road contact, you must buy a set of winter tyres. This is because your regular tyres cannot provide you with the required traction to drive on snowy and frosty roads. Winter tyres are engineered via Bite-edge technology. This allows them to cut through snow and maintain optimum balance.

3. Ideal Against Hydroplaning

Winter tyres will be your best companion to fight against hydroplaning. As the ice beneath your tyre starts to melt, it creates a layer of water that gets stuck into your tyre grooves. But if your car is fitted with this cold-weather beast, you can sit back and relax as these Yokohama Tyres Oxford is known to protect your vehicle from skidding and sliding due to hydroplaning.

How Much Do Winter Tyres Cost?

Whereas a regular summer tyre costs you about £40-£50, winter tyres will cost you a bit more. You can expect a decent winter tyre for about £60/tyre. A lot of people will prefer buying summer tyres because of its cost-effectiveness, but winter tyres become a necessity during chilling winters.

Amazing Facts Regarding Winter Tyres

  1. Winter tyres are compulsory in Sweden from December to march.
  2. Cars fitted with winter tyres are less likely to be involved in an accident.
  3. Winter tyres are known to increase the overall performance of your car.

If you are interested to know more about winter tyres, visit us at Phillips Tyres. We provide the best Dunlop Tyres Oxford and all-season tyres for all your cars.

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