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Secrets to Becoming a Professional Web Developer

Author: Adam Mathewz
by Adam Mathewz
Posted: Jan 06, 2020

Web development is a career that has evolved only in the last decade. It has immense potentials for the future and is one of the best career choices today. Here are some secrets to becoming a professional developer: Learn to code but know that coding is not enough. Proficient knowledge of computer programming and programming languages like Java, HTML, JavaScript, and so on is a must, but knowing just that will not give you a high-end job. You should also have some designing skills because these days, developers have to collaborate with designers in any project. It will not be possible for you to work with designers on the team if you do not have any idea about their work.

Use Google when you need help and do not hesitate to do so. As a web developer, getting stuck while programming or writing codes does not mean you are less proficient. It is more common than you think it is. And sometimes Google is where you will find the best answers or the quickest solutions to all your problems. It will help you do your work more efficiently without getting discouraged or demotivated.

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When you learn something new, try to copy it down and use it. There are times when, as a developer, you will stumble upon new ways to code or new codes that have different functions. The best thing to do is to copy this down and implement it on your website.

Read new books on web development but do not just read them. Reading books will give you a lot of theoretical knowledge. You are likely to learn new things you had not known about before. But only knowing the theory will not help you unless you practise it. Quite often, there are highly qualified developers who fail to achieve any success in the field because they do not know how to apply their learning to their work.

Test your knowledge by doing a project. You do not need to apply to a company to do so. Applying for a job immediately after acquiring the skills may feel overwhelming and stressful. So the best thing to do is to assign a project to yourself. You can practise everything you have learned and work on problematic areas at the same time. Try to put in most of what you have learned in that one project. If you are satisfied with the result, you can also use it in your portfolio.

Mark your progress as you make it. Keep track of where you started and how far you have come. It will help to keep you motivated. Once you know how much you have progressed, it will become easier for you to aim for further improvement. It will also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a developer.

Learn to plan out your ideas on paper. While this may not seem necessary, it will save you time and effort when you work for large enterprises. Quite often, clients will have certain ideas in mind. If you start working on them based on your assumption that you fully understand their ideas, you may be wrong. What you make of them may not be what they want. Besides, the idea may not be a feasible one, after all. So plan out on paper and show them what it will look like when you are done working on the project. Ensure that it is at par with what they expect so that you do not have to make too many changes later on. Understand the market. It is essential to understand the market to advance your career as well as to create target specific websites. When you apply for a job, prospective employers will also be impressed with your up-to-date knowledge of the field. Also, follow some of the best blogging sites to learn new and interesting things about web development. Some of the most well-known ones include- Smashing Magazine, Codrops, SitePoint, A List Apart, Webdesigner Depot, and others. You can also join hire a web developer community to interact with others in your field.

Ultimately, it is all about consistency. If you remain consistent enough, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming the best in your field.

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