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Best Rotoscoping Services in 2020

Author: Neeraj Vijay
by Neeraj Vijay
Posted: Jan 06, 2020
rotoscoping services

Rotoscoping basically means an animation technique in which single and multiple characters of every object is in the frame and is traced out separately or the technique used in manually creating a matte for an element on a live-action plate to compose over another background which further used to give images a cartoon-like appearance. Tracing is used for visual effects i.e for 3D conversion. Rotoscoping services being a recognized animation services provider, we have immense expertise in delivering unparalleled VFX Rotoscoping services India and Stereo Rotoscoping services.

Rotoscoping Services consists of high-quality visual effects of outsourcing services like Rotoscoping, Paint, Keying, Rig, Removal, Clean up, Composting, Match move Tracking and more. It offers high-quality VFX Rotoscoping services for Feature films, TV series, Commercials ads and many more. It offers to remove Green screen(Chroma Extraction) from footage and make it perfect for background replacement or composite on other footage(background) to enhance every project. Rotoscoping Services India also delivers VFX paint, cleanup services and full composting services of any type like 2D/3D. Rotoscoping Services India offers to track and match moving services which are 2D planer tracks, corner pin data, 3D point cloud data, camera tracking(camera motion path), object tracking and match move for seamlessly integrating CGI elements, Set of extension or Object replacement.

Rotoscoping Services India is now widely used all over the world for video advertising and movies. Nowadays, Rotoscoping Services India and VFX has been progressed a lot and this can be clearly seen in a large number of movies and video advertisements made. Especially in the action and horror movies in which you can find a lot of VFX and this is the main reason why most of the people prefer watching action and horror movies nowadays. Doing all these things it requires extensive work by the animators. With the help of Rotoscoping Services India using high-end computer graphics and advanced software, it is able to create teeth biting effects that make people amazed at watching a movie in a movie hall. Rotoscoping services makes all that possible because it turns otherwise ordinary footage into a creative mix of animation and reality.

Most of the videos and movies are highly created by this Rotoscoping technique to apply visual effects on them. Rotoscoping Services India includes VFX Services, 2D to 3D Conversion, matte painting, clean up/paint, rotoscoping service and more. Rotoscoping is fully great for video, movie/film production, music videos, commercials, documentaries and virtually any video material you think of. Rotoscoping is actually a superb technique of giving a special effect using matte finish to give outstanding background. It is generally used to give photos a cartoon-like appearance.

Thanks to the advnacement in animation industry, enhanced concept and techniques are now used to revolutionize Rotoscoping and vfx services. For advertising and movies, animation has always been considered as enhancement of techniques. Visual effects have been going with a lot of progress and this is totally visible in almost all adventure movies. Especially, in action movies, we find lots of visual effects and this is one area where visual effects, VFX Rotoscoping Services India is gaining lot of focus. By using high end rotoscoping software. Nowadays, animators are creating teeth-biting effects which makes you totally amazed in movie hall.

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