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Learn About Split Earlobes: Its Causes, Treatment and Risk Involved

Author: Mayra Singh
by Mayra Singh
Posted: Jan 10, 2020

Causes of Split Earlobes-

There can be many causes of split earlobes, and they often happen because of wearing heavy earrings for a long time. It can cause the piercing hole to widen, which can eventually result in the split earlobe. It can also occur due to some accidents in which the earrings are pulled through the hole. Even people who have thin earlobes are most like to have this condition.

In some cases, when the clip-on of the earring is too tight, it can cause a restriction in the blood flow in the earlobes. It can lead to necrosis, and it is a condition when the cells around an area die due to failure of blood supply. In the case of necrosis, the earlobes can also split. This condition is called congenital split earlobes.

Nowadays, people desired to wear large earpieces, and large rings are also using split earlobes. They usually make the piercing wider so that their large earpiece can fit in them. Even people are purposely splitting their earlobes as a fashion trend.

Although the splitting of the earlobe can cause pain and, in some cases, infection as well, there are split earlobes treatments available which can help in repairing the damage.

Treatments to Repair Earlobes Damage-

Any earlobes treatment including a stretched ear piercing, a widened piercing hole, or to make the ear hole wider first thing that is required is a trained ENT specialist or a dermatologic surgeon. It is very important to have this treatment done by a specialist because if the necessary precious are not followed, it can result in an ear infection.

In the process of earlobes damage repair first, the damaged area is cleaned by some antiseptic. It is done to make sure that the area is free from any infection or bacteria. After that, local anesthesia is injected into the affected, and it will result in making the area numb.

The basic concept of this procedure is to make the earlobes whole again. It is done by stitching the split area together. After the anesthesia starts to affect, the surgeon cleans the earlobe and, if necessary, removes some addition skin from there. After that, he stitches the earlobes back together.

The stitching can be done using an absorbent suture or a suture that is needed to be cut after the healing. The absorbent suture is a material that is absorbed by the body itself. Thus it doesn't require to be removed. On the other hand, if the material is non-absorbent, then after the healing is complete, it is necessary to get it removed by the surgeon. Cosmetic

Risk and Complications Regarding Split Earlobes Repair-

Like any other cosmetic dermatology treatments, the repair of the split earlobe also has risks and complications. Some of the most common risks and complications are.

  • Pain during and after the procedure. It is because, in the process, it gets cut and stitched.
  • It causes bleeding. Bleeding is part of every surgical procedure, and the cutting and stitching can cause bleeding.
  • Development of infection. As we have seen, if the damaged area is not handled with proper, it can develop an infection that can complicate the repair process.
  • Scarring of the affected skin. Repairing the earlobes requires stitches, and in some cases, it can leave a scar.


It doesn't matter if you need a repair treatment for your split earlobes or to make your earlobes. The first thing you need is a specialist. You need to find a specialist dermatologist and to discuss your condition. Only after understanding the process and every pros and con of it, you should decide whether to go for the treatment or not.

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