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Types Of Carpet Cleaning That You Need To Know

Author: Vivid Cleaning
by Vivid Cleaning
Posted: Jan 11, 2020

Before you choose a carpet cleaning company in Australia, it is important to understand the types of carpet cleaning Terrigal techniques available. Different companies use different cleaning techniques. While you may be tempted to choose the cheapest company, the cheapest carpet cleaning company is not always the best. Some companies use cheap cleaning methods that can harm your carpet. Here are some types of carpet cleaning you need to know.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning is commonly known as steam cleaning. It involves the use of high pressured hot water to dissolve dirt and agitate the carpet fibre. This type of carpet cleaning involves applying a cleaning agent on agitation of the carpet with a brush. Then the carpet is rinsed with clean water. Once the cleaning agent settles in the fibres of the carpet for a short period, the carpet will be washed by cleaning equipment to rinse the cleaning agent and left to dry in an air-conditioned room.

It would take two hours to clean an average-sized office carpet. And it will take at least 4 hours for the carpet to dry. Most carpet cleaning companies advise cleaning carpets in the late afternoon so that the carpet can be left to dry overnight once the cleaning is done. This is to enable the office operation to resume back to normal the following morning.


Some carpet cleaners in Terrigal NSW use this method to clean carpets. This method was very popular until in the 1970s when encapsulation technology was introduced. While shampooing a carpet may seem to be an effective way of cleaning a soiled carpet, the method can leave behind a high amount of foam residues in the carpet. The residue may take a long time to dry and may become sticky once the carpet has dried because no rinsing is done to the carpet after shampooing. This cleaning method is less popular because re-soiling may happen to the carpet.


This method involves using synthetic detergents as a base that crystallises into powder form once it dries. Dirt particles that are loosened in the carpet fibre get encapsulated into powder after the applied cleaning foam dries. It is then brushed or vacuumed when the foam dries after cleaning.

This cleaning technique has overtaken the shampooing technology as it uses less water during the cleaning process and this results in shorter drying time. This method of carpet cleaning has been embraced because there is a less chemical residue left after cleaning compared to carpet shampooing. However, encapsulation has not been able to thoroughly clean carpets that have been heavily soiled.

Bonnet cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning Terrigal produces good carpet surface cleaning results as the process involves using a heavy-duty motorised machine to clean the top part of the carpet fibre with a spinning pad immersed with a cleaning solution so as to absorb dirt from the surface of the carpet. Bonnet cleaning is popular in hotels as it gives a quick solution to cleaning carpets in heavy traffic areas that require carpet cleaning without a lot of moisture.

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