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How to Energize the Standard Hotel Concierge Business Model?

Author: Ciara Carron
by Ciara Carron
Posted: Jan 12, 2020

There is no wonder in the fact that concierge service is gradually makings its place a successful business model.

It has a unique business model to which more and more consumers are attracted.

But the main thing is how you can energize your hotel concierge business model? Or what will make it different from the competitors?

Yes, you can do it with the help of the concierge strategy. To make your business model unique, go for some new ways of understanding, personalizing and engaging consumers.


Let us explore the few ways in which you can accelerate your business model.

4 Ways To Have Standard Hotel Concierge Business Model

Before going to different ways for your business model, you must take note of one thing. You should be first clear with the services you want to include in your business. Once you are clear with the services in your concierge business model, rest can be followed accordingly.

Target High-Value Markets

The point here is concierge service has the least chance that it will attract consumers with low income. As they would never prefer to perform tasks themselves. Henceforth, what we suggest here is to focus the middle and high-income consumers. In simple words, go to the market where dollars are. Plan a short sales pitch for your business model to have an impact on new as well as present clients. And it is much easy to implement for the hotel concierge as all set of data needed to attract the client is available.

Marketing holds importance

Yes, as you need to market for your hotel, it is equally important to have a look at hotel concierge marketing. It is a key part of a successful concierge business model. And it is especially needed to bring new clients to your business. It helps you to expand your business to new clients as well as keep a hold on your present clients. You must be sure about the audience you target to market your business. Hence, I’ve already mentioned above that firstly target your service, so that you can have an idea of your target consumers.

Building Relationships

We must agree to the fact that concierge service is all about the relationships. A concierge business model should be built in a way that it is able to establish a good relationship at the client level as well as the service level. For instance, a concierge knows that you need the same meal every Wednesday and Friday, he/she can plan the same thing with the meal provider. Hence, every time the concierge doesn’t need to wait for your meal to get prepared as the meal provider already knows. This shows the importance of building a relationship in the concierge service. So, it is a must to include this part in your business model.

Demand for Hotel Concierge Service

Look for the area where clients need a concierge. And make that the core part of your business model. For instance, in the hotel concierge, transportation and planning a trip are the core parts. Hence, you can make them the core part of your hotel concierge business model. In fact, we can say that concierge service was born in the hotels. It is the first place where a concierge service came up. So, you need to add something unique to your hotel concierge business model in order to make it successful.

Thus, these are the four key factors you need to include in your business model for hotel concierge.

Everyone likes VIP Treatments

Always take note of the point everyone loves when treated like a VIP. Therefore, to make your business a success, provide the high-class concierge service to your consumers. Consumers want a concierge who is professional, helpful, and friendly. You can win the trust of your consumers by providing such a professional and friendly concierge.

Are You Ready With Your Business Model For Hotel Concierge?

Concierge service is different for every consumer, thus your business model should be friendly every clients need.

For the concierge business model, technology as well as a human factor, both are equally important. Hence if these two factors are combined smartly, one can get huge benefits out of it.

We guess, now you have an idea of how to build your business model for a concierge hotel.

Let us know if you have any queries or if we missed out any point.

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