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Does Pet Insurance increases with age?

Author: Manny Rivera
by Manny Rivera
Posted: Jan 20, 2020
pet insurance
  • Pet insurance increases with age’- this is something that we have heard time and again. So, most of us invest in pet insurance like dog insurance and cat insurance, quite early to avoid paying high premiums. At the core of the pet insurance is the reason and emotion that you will be able to afford health care for your pet anytime. If you save money and keep aside an amount each month for your pet it is still not going to be enough as some treatments are expensive.

In such a situation pet insurance comes to your rescue. Even regular health care can be covered by insuring your pet. As your pet’s age increases the premium rises. This feels like a mounting pressure.

Lot of pet owners invest in pet insurance quite late and end up paying exorbitant premiums. This can surely be avoided by investing early when your pet is healthier. You might choose the best pet insurance company in USA but the bottom line remains the same.

But there are some ways to work out so that you don’t feel the burden of paying excessively.

Reimbursement percentage:

You can choose to decrease the reimbursement percentage. It decreases the premium a bit, but it also decreases any reimbursement you might be liable to get. When you anticipate some major challenges with your pet in later life this brings a ‘what if’ risk.


A better option would be to increase the deductible, which will lower the premium. If your pet doesn’t have any major health challenge, it would lead to lot of savings in the long run. It becomes easier for you to set aside a percent of out-of pocket expenses.

You can avail to the deductible benefit if you haven’t claimed anything for many years. This reduces the deductible each year without a claim payout.

Once you’ve made a claim in one year that uses up that benefit, you would go back to the regular annual deductible for the following year.

Insurance for older pets turns out to be expensive, because there are higher chances of older animals having health problems. They are also prone to injuries due to short-sightedness and clumsiness. There are policies created for older dogs, cats or any other pet and you can compare prices to pay a lower premium.


You can choose co-insurance option, which can be suitable for an older pet. In this option the insurer and the policyholder jointly meet the cost of treatment while claiming the policy. You will pay the excess and you will be responsible for a percentage of the remaining fee. The balance is covered by the insurance policy.

As against paying high premiums many pet owners find co-insurance is a better choice. It allows you to get the right cover for your pet instead of paying high premium levels that are totally unaffordable.

Investing in pet insurance is necessary so, why delay the decision? At TrustedPals we discuss and understand your requirements.

Get in touch with TrustedPals team to know more about different pet insurance policies. We assist you in investing in pet insurance policy for your beloved pet.

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TrustedPals the different pet insurance plans inclusive of best cat insurance, dog insurance, and several others.

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