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What Is It Like to Work in a Pet Store?

Author: Ana Brenda
by Ana Brenda
Posted: Jan 23, 2020

The idea of working in a pet store can be very pleasing for lots of people. Whether they have been an animal lover all their life or have just begun interacting with them, the environment will be appealing. With all this being said, working in such a place requires more than just commercializing animals or products specific to them. A certain skill set is necessary. Calm, a steady hands and lots of love for creatures of any kind are some of them. In a pet shop, there might also be a good amount of physical work, so you should be mentally prepared for that also.

Why Should You Apply for a Job in a Pet Shop

In most jobs, the daily routine might become a problem with time but in a pet shop work will always be dynamic. The variety of tasks might even surprise you. There are lots of specific roles that need to be filled: clerk, cleaner, entertainer, veterinary medic, etc. This also might give you opportunities to learn new abilities form your colleagues. Whatever role you might have you have to take your job 100% serious. The wellbeing of a variety of animals will depend on you. You will most probably develop a more tender way to care for and work with them, gain knowledge about different animal behavior and also acquire distributive attention.

Usually, more than 50% of people own pets (excluding people with allergic reactions and other conditions). The reasons why a person is willing to adopt a pet can vary but usually, it is because of the positive energy and the unconditioned love most animals can give. A well-known example are dogs. Being around one such cute companion can help reduce stress, depression, help with tasks and also be an assistant for visually impaired persons. Some other people choose adoptions as a means of restarting a life full of bad habits. People feel a sense of emotional support when their pets are around to they are more prone to rehabilitation. Basically, they can give love to every type of person.

With all this being said you can be assured that this industry is full of opportunities as the animal supply is very high. It is the perfect job for a person who loves to be around animals. It as also a good opportunity for learning. You will be interacting with lots of different species from all around the world.

What Responsibilities Does a Pet Store Worker Have?

This kind of workplace might get a bit demanding at times so your full attention will be required. Tasks will always differ from one animal to another and so will your attitude and the treatments needed. Some species in the pet store might require a very firm attitude towards them and others quite the opposite. This is because they can feel fear and other emotional states through body language. This is a hard craft to learn but ultimately one of the most important.

The internal management can differ from one pet shop to another. Some stores might be way bigger or might sell very exotic breeds but mostly the tasks of the workers all around should be somewhat common. The two key factors to focus on are:

  1. The relationship with the animals – some animals will actually need emotional bonding. For example, puppies and baby monkeys will need love and affection just like a human being would. Some example on the other end of the spectrum are snakes. They do not need any kind of bonding whatsoever. Very exact handling and attention when working with them should suffice. Whatever kind of animals are sold in the pet store, their health is always a top concern.
  2. The relationship with the clients – some clients might have a hard time choosing a suitable pet. You need to take time and help them with their choice. It is a very serious commitment and you should make this statement loud and clear from the beginning. Take them up to date with all the needs the animal might require and even make some notes for them. Most people (even if sometimes clumsy) will give their best to care for their animals but from time to time a person that is not suitable will pop up. Not everybody is made to own pets.

Knowing al these important information about a pet shop, in general, should give you a very good insight when making a decision about your job prospects. Ultimately it will be your choice if you will take this on only as a seasonal job or go forward with it in the long run. Keep in mind that even if you already have a job you can always work part-time or volunteer (even less time) if you still want to work around animals and care for them.

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Brenda Ana is a dedicated writer for Our one-stop pet store caters to all your pet's needs. Don't hesitate to visit our online pet shop for the largest range of food and supplies.

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