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Top Five Hadoop Alternatives You Should Try Out

Author: Adam Mathewz
by Adam Mathewz
Posted: Jan 24, 2020

Big data is an essential aspect for all businesses today. It is what helps them to observe the trends in customer behaviour. They use this analytics for marketing their brand and targeting more customers. One of the leading frameworks for Big Data is Apache's Hadoop. At one point, it was the only prominent framework in the market. But today we have several others as well. Here are some of the best alternatives to Hadoop:

Apache Spark:Apache Spark is considered the de facto replacement for Hadoop. Although it was initially built as a batch processing system for Hadoop, more features were added to it later to make it a stand-alone framework. Spark is one of the first frameworks to support stream processing. Stream processing is essential to real-time processing, which has gained much prominence in the last few years. Businesses these days, primarily track data in real-time to get the best result possible. Spark helps to do this with efficiency and high accuracy. Some of the top companies that use Spark are Amazon, Alibaba Taobao, 4Quant, Act Now, and others.

Apache Storm: Like Spark, Storm also helps to work with real-time data. It runs on Zookeeper to manage all its processes. It can read and write files to HDFS. Storm is different from Hadoop in that it has a unique way of handling data. It is best at CEP of complex event processing. It transforms and analyses the data that is fed into it in a continuous stream instead of distributing it in different nodes. It simplifies the process and makes it quicker. Some of the top companies that use Apache Storm are Capital One, Wells Fargo, Comcast, and others.

BigQuery:BigQuery is a Google product. Although it is relatively new compared to the other tools in the market, it is highly advanced, and with every new update, it keeps getting better. BigQuery makes it easy for you to use SQL without having to worry about the database or infrastructure. It also has some built-in data mining algorithms that help to find pattern in raw data. It makes the process of understanding Big Data much less complicated and also ensures that the work happens at an increased speed. In this regard, it is even better than Hadoop because it can do hour-long tasks in a matter of only a few minutes. BigQuery is well structured and is also compatible with MapReduce. Managing large chunks of data becomes much easier with this tool even when the data is not structured. Spotify, Teleport, Vine, RD Station, Monzo, and so on are some popular enterprises that it supports.

Ceph: Ceph is an open-source platform for storing software. It replicates data to make it fault-tolerant by making use of commodity software. It ensures that the distribution of data is free of failure by replicating it at the time when it is being processed. By doing this, it primarily aims to reduce the cost and time involved in managing Big Data, in detecting errors or server clusters and fixing them. Ceph does not require HDFS because it can be accessed through Hadoop by Hadoop developers. It is efficient in handling data in the form of files, and this feature alone makes it one of the best Hadoop alternatives.

Disco:Disco is another open-source framework. It is based on the MapReduce paradigm and is used for managing data on the cloud. It is lightweight but immensely powerful. It replicates data and distributes it. It comes will tools that help to index data points that can be queried in real-time. It simplifies the management of large amounts of data. Disco uses the popular Python language, which makes it such a robust framework. It has several applications like probabilistic modelling, full-text indexing, log analysis and data mining.

These five Big Data analytics frameworks are well-known and widely used in many industries. They are the best competitors that Hadoop has ever had and is slowing taking its place as to offer more options to users.

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