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Wedding Gift Ideas For Indian Couples

Author: Satjit Kumar
by Satjit Kumar
Posted: Jan 26, 2020

Wedding events happen to be some of the most socially celebrated occasions in India. However, when it comes to choosing a gift for the couple, many tend to face a dilemma in getting the right idea for choosing a good gift.

In India, the concept of gift registry has not yet gained popularity. So unlike in the USA, the couples don’t inform what they want. The challenge is not only finding a good gift but also finding one that is not purchased by others. Exchanging these duplicate gift items is not easy for the couple., and you ponder what to gift during these events.

A unique and well-thought gift can eventually turn out to be something that the couple would find useful and also appreciate it. Therefore, your efforts to find a good idea for wedding gifts for Indian couples are worthwhile.

Here are some guidelines, which will help you choose the right wedding gift or give you more specific and actionable ideas for choosing the wedding gift for an Indian couple

Buy practical gifts

Think of practical gifts, that the couple would need when they move into a new home. The process might be tedious, and you need to brainstorm and come up with fresh ideas. Try to ensure that no one else buys the gift. Appliances, apparel, household items and gifting experiences can be some of the practical gifts that you can gift during these occasions.

Fun gifts

Not every gift needs to be practical, you can gift them fun items as well. Customized items, quoted accessories and showpieces are some ideas that may work. You may also gift wine glasses, kissing mugs, personalized cutting boards, funny photo frame and so on. With these items, you have a greater chance not to gift something similar to what others are buying.

Buy personalized gifts

Customizing or personalizing gift items means to add the couple’s name to the gifts. When you know the tastes and aptitudes of the individual or couple, deciding these gift items become easier. Various customized gifts, like cushions with name tags, pillows and quilts can turn out to be unique. Wall hangings with photos of the couple or a personalized keepsake box are good options.

There is no end to what you can personalize for a wedding gift. It requires a good physical or online store to make the customization in an attractive and appealing manner.

Matching set gifts

One of the best gift ideas for newlywed couples is to present them with a matching gift set. These have been a continuous favorite and a way to express affection to the newlywed couple for a long time. No wonder many watch companies have a ‘couple watch’ or ‘pair watch’ options, which are still a good idea. Among the millennials, ideas like matching T-shirts, coffee mugs, tea sets and photo frames have gained immense popularity. If you want to go creative, you can come up with other matching set gift ideas as well.

Showpiece gift

In case you want to be a little trendy, or artistic, you may buy showpieces. Idols, art specimens and glassware are some of the common showpiece gifts that you can buy. Depending on your budget, you can get the items easily from a wide range of available items.

Budget driven gift

Budget constraints often lead people to gift items out of compulsion, rather than affection during wedding events. Make sure to buy something that does not hurt your savings and look attractive. You may reach out to the popular gift stores both online and retail to buy budget-friendly gifts. If the gift shop has been in business for a little while, they can understand your situation and may have stocked several options for your budget.

Cash as gift

For many couples, cash as gifts matters much to the couples and their families. Remember, marriage events are expensive and involve a lot of cash drainage. You should not hesitate from giving cash gifts, this is a very good gift idea for many couples.

Gift cards or gift vouchers

Another good gift idea is to provide gift cards, gift vouchers. There are things to bear in mind, you can provide the gift card or gift vouchers for a specific store or a retailer with a wide variety. One good option is to buy a travel gift card for the couple. Imagine several people from the office buy different travel gift cards for the couple, they can add up the amount and choose a good place for a honeymoon. Buy a gift card from Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital – the couple can choose whatever they want. Or use your gift amount to buy a more expensive product that they would not have without your help.

Well, this has become a bit too long! But hope you got several good options for gifts.

Lastly, remember it feels wonderful for a couple to live in a home that has the gifts given by their near and dear. Their affections and feelings are alive and around you at the couple’s home. So take a little time and give that nice gift, it makes you feel good too. When you share an affection, you also feel good inside.

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