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How to keep Yahoo Account secure from hackers?

Author: Roy Wick
by Roy Wick
Posted: Jan 26, 2020
yahoo account

Yahoo comes with outstanding features and is known as one of the best and fast email service around the world. It is widely used for personal and professional purposes. With its user-friendly interface, it is easy to use and therefore makes itself famous among the people. If you are using this email service for your business or office use then it is possible that you have saved some personal and confidential files, data as well as photos. Now think, if those files become vulnerable and get misused by some stranger? In this guide, we will discuss some tips through which you can keep your Yahoo account secure from hackers.

If you found any suspicious activities on your Yahoo email account then, firstly change your account password without any delay. If you choose to stay with Yahoo account or just required a Yahoo account for Flicker. Here are few effective ways to enhance your account security or to safeguard your Yahoo Email from being hacked.

  1. Set a Strong Password:

No manual step for security will work without this important tip. Your email is an important account because you use it to log in from another device. If anyone broke the Yahoo account security then they can reset their account password and can disorder with your online life. Well, this is the reason due to which the users should update their password strength before moving ahead with anything else. Yet if you have set a strong password, it is advisable to change it again by using the symbol, numbers, and alphabet.

For that, just sign in to your Yahoo account:

  • Click on your profile picture and select Account info to open Settings
  • Here, choose Change Password link and then enter a new password also re-enter it for verification
  1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

The next thing you have to do is to safeguard Yahoo email from the hackers is to enable the two-factor verification. This is because it is one of the famous methods to safeguard your account. When you activate this feature, the users are required to enter the code sent to their contact number to sign in. this functionality will ensure that if someone has hacked your password then they can’t access your Yahoo account without the phone. Hence this step is a great way to safeguard your Yahoo email from being hacked.

To enable this service, just follow the given step:

  • Go to the Account info page and click on the Account Security tab
  • Click on Tow-step verification and after that, Yahoo will prompt for your contact number
  • Enter your mobile number and then choose the appropriate option from the text message or call to receive the code to log in to your account
  • After receiving the login code, enter it in the required field and click on Verify

After that, you have grabbed the chance to create application passwords. Some applications, like iOS mail and MS Outlook, doesn’t support two-factor verification. In this case, the users can create a special application password and this will enable you to sign in on those other applications.

  1. Update Your Account Recovery Information

If your Yahoo account has locked then you can access it by using your contact information. It will allow the users to use another email address or contact number to get back access to your account. This function can also be used in the case if you have forgotten your password. After that, it is important to check that this information is updated or not.

Follow the below-given steps to safeguard Yahoo email account from hackers:

  • Navigate to Account Info and Account Security
  • Here, enter mobile number and the additional email address which you constantly use
  • Select Category and add recovery phone/email
  • After that, enter the complete information
  • Check Account History on a Constant Basis

Yahoo comes with a friendly log of all account activity. The users can examine this to check that their account is safe or not.

For that,

  • Click on Account Info
  • Then, go to the ‘Recent activity’ tab
  • Here you will get the entire list of active sessions which will show the browser and used the OS for every login and done activities
  • Now, choose anyone to check the login details for the last 30 days
  • The detail consists of IP addresses and locations

At the end of the screen, you will find the most current account activities. If you are identifying any activity suspicious then, change your password in correct away. It will sign out automatically from your account from each device and will help to safeguard the Yahoo email account from the hackers.

By following these tips, you can easily keep your Yahoo account safe and secure from hackers. Also, it is advisable to do not open that email which comes from an unknown source or does not click on any un-trusted link. If you suspect any unusual activity on your email then get connected with experts at Yahoo Helpline Number and get instant help regarding this.

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