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Can You Walk Your Dog During The Winter? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Author: Dog Walker
by Dog Walker
Posted: Jan 27, 2020

For dogs to maintain their normal behavior, regular exercise is needed. Taking them out for a walk is one of the simplest things you can do (some even hire dog walkers in Hertford to do this one). But -- what if it’s wintertime? How will the freezing temperatures affect your dog? Is it really possible to walk dogs during this season? This article aims to tackle just that.

Why Walk Your Dog During Winter

Ah, the winter season. Isn’t it the perfect time to cozy up by your fireplace while listening to some relaxing music? Of course, it is. But for your dog, you would need to allocate extra time to take it out during winter.

Did you know that skipping winter walks can leave a negative impact on your dog’s behaviour? Like what any dog walker in Hertford, he would need to channel it through some other ways, like chewing more frequently and becoming more hyperactive.

So, How Do You Properly Do Winter Walks with Your Dog?

There are different factors that you need to consider before you brave the winter weather -- from the dog’s breed to its overall health condition. Puppies and older dogs tend to be more sensitive to cold temperatures. It’s best if they can be walked for only around 15 minutes. If you have got a medium or a large dog, walking it outside for half an hour is ideal, given that the temperature is over 20-degree Fahrenheit. Like what dog walkers in Hertford know, no dog should be taken outside if it’s below freezing.

If you are walking a dog in the wintertime, here are some useful tips you need to know:

Bundle up your dog -- and yourself. It’s highly recommended to give your dog a jacket or a vest before taking a winter walk, especially if yours is a puppy, an old dog, or a short-haired one. Choose one that’s specifically designed for winter and for repelling moisture. Don’t forget to also bundle up yourself with a winter coat and a pair of gloves.

Don’t forget to keep your dog’s feet warm. As experienced by dog walkers Hertford, it’s also crucial to protect your dog’s feet by using dog booties. Pick one with good traction on the bottom and strong Velcro straps. This will protect your dog from salts and ice melters present on the ground, which are considered toxic for your furry friend.

Invest in pet-safe gels for your dog’s paws. If your dog isn’t comfortable with booties, you can protect its paws by applying a pet-safe gel or petroleum jelly. Just be sure to wipe it off (along with any deicers) after the walk.

Pick an effective leash. When walking your dog during winter, it’s best to use a retractable leash with a front clip harness for better grip and control.

Don’t let your dog eat snow. Snow may contain harsh chemicals and small, hidden objects that can be dangerous when eaten by your dog. Doing so will also significantly lower its body temperature.

Get help from dog walkers in Hertford. If you don’t have time or if you want to ensure utmost safety, hiring a dog walker in Hertford could be the most beneficial solution for you. These experts are trained to walk dogs, wintertime or not.

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