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Learn the important features of Uber Dog sitting apps

Author: Hemendra Singh
by Hemendra Singh
Posted: Jul 31, 2019
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We all are busy in tight schedules, offices, schools, and colleges. The world has become much faster than ever before. In this hectic life, all we can do for our loved ones is give time.

Unfortunately these days people do not get time for their friends and family and not even beloved pooches. All the pets and especially dogs need love and care.

The pets require continuous maintenance and company. Many people do not get time to spend with dogs which can affect them. Researches have shown that dogs who are left alone at home are more likely to be emotionally disturbed. Believe it or not but you can solve this problem with apps!

The on-demand technology is helping every sector. There are on-demand food apps on-demand beauty apps and also on demand trucking apps. Now there are some on-demand dog sitting apps.

These apps are called uber of dog sitting apps. These apps are developed for dog owners who spend a lot of time away from home and there is no one to take care of their dogs.

The on-demand application allows users to call any of the dog walkers and dog sitters. Wag and Rover are some of the most popular names in this category. Wag has earned fund of 300 million US dollars till date with a single app.

Let us see what are the necessary features of an Uber app for dog sitting:

1. Profile

Allow users to form a profile in less time. You can allow the user to sign up the app through social media sites. The app should be able to capture every essential information about the pet owner. Once the profile is created, the user should be able to fill other information like address, contact details, etc.

2. Dog information

This feature is extremely important in every on-demand dog sitting app. The app should ask the user to fill in all important details about the dog.

The details should include dog breed, the age of the dog, gender of dog, color of the dog, any allergies or infections, specifications about food and much more.

Since this application is from the family of on-demand apps, but it is way different than other on-demand apps. This application is all about dogs and hence all such details are important.

The dog sitters must understand what is the breed of dog and age of dog. The dog sitters usually play with the dog and feed him or her. Hence it is important to know the age.

If the dog is too old, the dog sitter makes sure the dog gets complete rest. If it is young enough, the dog sitter can even train the dog. Hence all minute details about the dog need to be mentioned in the application.

3. Real-time contacting

Messages are the most important feature of any on-demand application. Offer excellent user interface in the message section. Allow users and dog sitters to interact in an interesting way.

The dog owner should be able to ask for the dog wellness, talk to the dog or even see him live! Don't just allow users to chat but also allow them to make video calls from the app.

Though this feature is very expensive, it can be extremely helpful to enhance user experience. If you do not want to add video calling, you can allow dog sitters to send pictures of the dog. We all are very sensitive about the dogs!

4. Authentication of dog sitters

For dog lovers, dogs are not just pets. They are family. How can one leave a family member with strangers or not so trustworthy people? It is important to check the authentication of dog sitters.

Make sure you verify the dog sitters before allowing them to serve via your app. We do not want anyone to mishandle our dogs! The dog sitters must have required certificates and should be well trained in dog sitting.

There are certified courses for dog sitters. Since every dog sitter gets different types of dogs, it is essential to handle all types of dog breeds of all ages.

5. Push notifications

All apps have this compulsory feature. It is essential to add push notifications in the application that can notify about dog sitter arrival. The app should notify about every small activity of dogs.

6. Tracking

Just like all other on-demand apps, tracking should be available. The user should be able to track the dog sitter location. In this way, the user can detect the exact location of a dog sitter. Developers can use the GPS system along with Google maps for offering real-time tracking feature.


The mobile app development companies are making our lives easier. Who had thought of such services before a decade? Since the market is full of unique ideas, we can certainly expect great applications in the future. The dog sitting app is one of the most unique apps present in the play store.

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My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and Co-Founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. My ideology is that, a clear vision and hard work builds a great company.

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