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Latest Ranking Factors in SEO 2020

Author: Phoebe Lambert
by Phoebe Lambert
Posted: Jan 31, 2020

Running a website or blog is all about traffic and higher ranking. And when we say ranking we mean the first page of search engines. That’s because your online presence is only visible if you are on the top of the ranking. And if your business isn’t ranked, you must hire Professional SEO Services. No business can achieve high ranking without a proper SEO strategy. But even the sites that are ranked higher needs constant efforts and tweaking.

Google changes its algorithm constantly on a regular basis. That’s why you have to keep up with the new trends to maintain constant traffic. Here are the latest ranking factors that you must know. These factors are going to play a major role in 2020.

User-Focused Optimization

Google created a major buzz when it introduced its new algorithm BERT. Naturally, every webmaster wants to learn what BERT is all about it. After all, optimizing for high ranking depends on how you align your content with Google’s algorithms. So, every SEO professional is busy finding how BERT is going to change the rankings.

Surprisingly, this new algorithm isn’t that difficult to understand. You can summarize BERT into a few simple words i.e. user-focused optimization. BERT is nothing but developing content around user intent. Content delivery and clean site structure are all that you must worry about. And you are already doing great if you pay attention to the delivery of your content.


Google’s intentions are pretty clear and obvious from the introduction of BERT. It will emphasize more on E.A.T factors i.e. Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness. Businesses or sites that have poor reputations, trust or customer service issues will suffer. Google is going to rank the content after assessing the site or author who owns the content.

Technical sites that lack professional expertise and authors will face issues. Sites or businesses that lack credentials and expertise will be sacked.

Mobile SEO

Websites are already shifting towards mobile-first layouts but what about mobile SEO? Smartphone users don’t use a laptop or desktop to search for solutions. They just type in their mobile phone and want to find the answers. This only tells us that SEO experts must also look at mobile search results.

SEO professionals must pay attention to mobile SERPs. You should know what the smartphone audience is typing and expecting. Optimizing your site for mobile phones can uplift traffic and boost revenue.

High-Quality Content

Yes, content is king and it will keep on ruling the digital world. But you’ll need content that is valuable and relevant. In 2020, your content must revolve around user intent and internal linking strategy. The more valuable it is, the more time users will spend on your site.

Try to produce high-quality content for the chosen topic. And fill it with query-based answers and long-tail keywords. This way you can satisfy mobile phone users and also optimize content for desktop.

Structured Data

We know that with high quality and relevant data, BERT is going to help you. But Google’s algorithms cannot understand context on their own. You still have to help search engines with "hints" what query your content can satisfy. This signifies the importance of ‘Structured Data’ on your site. Plus, you can help search engines understand how every page of your site is linked to others.

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