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Thinking To Make Your Own Chunky Knit Blankets? Follow These 4 Tips!

Author: Jess Ridley
by Jess Ridley
Posted: Feb 02, 2020
arm knitting

When the weather gets chilly, chunky knit blankets are among the cosiest items you can curl up in. Such comfortable creations are typically made by knitting oversized yarns, which have perfectly soft and bouncy textures. Because of the thick yarn, chunky blankets will keep you warm without any suffocating or heavy feeling.

In case you are thinking of getting your own chunky blanket, you can either make it yourself or purchase one. Though buying is certainly simpler, giving the effort and time to knit can be worthwhile. If you would like to do it all yourself, here are a few useful tips for producing your own arm knitting blanket.

1. Find the appropriate yarn type

Many different types of yarn can be used in arm knitting. One example is Merino wool, a high-end option that is strongly recommended for its smooth texture and thickness. Likewise, it is durable, naturally insulating, and breathable, making it great for knitting a blanket. A more affordable alternative is acrylic yarn, which has been designed to feel just like wool fibres. Acrylics are also commonly machine washable and ideal for knitting blankets that you can use daily. Natural, vegan wool alternatives are easily available for individuals who prefer to use yarns without animal products.

No matter which yarn you decide on, be sure to only order from a trusted shop. Doing so assures that you will get high-quality yarn for creating a durable blanket.

2. Look for invaluable arm knitting resources on the Internet

In case you have no idea how to start arm knitting, don’t panic. Since the trend is rather well-known, there are several great tutorials, blogs, and communities available on the Internet nowadays. Elegant patterns for chunky knit blankets are also available for free, allowing you to create a layout that you really love. Furthermore, you can also view other intriguing big knitting projects, like chunky mattresses, scarves, and rugs to get some more ideas.

3. Think about the tools that can be used

It's apparent that your two arms and some oversized yarns are all you need for arm knitting. Even so, if you're not comfortable with this, you can also use broomsticks, PVC, or oversized needles.

Moreover, it's possible to create a chunky blanket via crocheting. To accomplish this, you can purchase oversized crochet hooks or use your arms. This technique will lead to a heftier, thicker blanket but will likely require more yarn.

4. Be sure you have adequate yarn

Clearly, not having enough yarn is the one thing you don’t to happen when creating an arm knitting blanket. Yarns are usually sold by weight. A sizable 160cm x 200cm blanket requires around 6 kilos of yarn to finish. Meanwhile, medium blankets measuring 120 to 150 square centimetres, will need 3 to 4 kilograms of chunky yarn. If you prefer a tiny 75cm x 125cm blanket for personal use, 2 kilos of yarn would suffice.

While arm knitting is a fairly challenging hobby at first, it can be very gratifying once you’ve perfected it. When you keep these helpful pointers in mind, starting out will be much easier. Keep doing your craft, and you will be an expert at producing chunky knit blankets in no time.

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I’m Jess Ridley, a financial advisor and a collector. I collect signed baseballs, financial books, knitted sweaters from parents and more.

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