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About new Google search console

Author: Pragnya Purple
by Pragnya Purple
Posted: Feb 03, 2020
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Google Search Console is the most important concern for all the SEO experts and mobile app developers who are putting in great efforts in improving the Google ranks of businesses. Mobile application developers and SEO experts need to stay abreast with the latest updates on Google issues so that the application gets featured in Google. Mobile app Development Company in Hyderabad is responsibly undertaking projects to give the best results to the clients.

What is Google Search Console?

It is a web service started by Google to allow webmasters to check indexing status and conduct website optimization, all free of cost. Every year, Google introduces a new version of the search console with improvements. The version that Google has come up within 2019 is quite powerful. Here are seven steps to make the best out of the search console. The new fully integrated Search console has features of the URL Inspection tool and domain properties. Let us see what this newly refined interface has come up with as additional features in the latest version of Google Search Console.

  • Sitemap

The new sitemap feature allows the users to delete sitemaps, present RSS & Atom feeds, and analyse sitemap error details. Earlier, through the older version of the Search Console was the only way to delete sitemaps. But this was quite taxing and less efficient. The new features in sitemap make this deletion process handier as it gives you the control to stop the data from being recorded on the search console. This smoothens the task when you have to streamline numerous websites that you want to track. Apart from this, you can also view multiple sitemaps in new tab windows. Users can have an efficient and a detailed view for easy monitoring of errors. With this, the user can specifically fix the points where there is an occurrence of errors and optimize the sitemaps.

  • URL Inspection tool

It is a very recent feature which allows the users to view the HTML code of their website, screenshots, HTML response, Javascript console messages & Page responses. The user can vet any URL within the website along with detailed individual page viewing. Fetch As Google no longer exists in the new console. Live URL Testing is another interesting feature in the URL Inspection Tool. It lets the user to monitor and analyse web pages in real-time and fosters fast rectification of issues if any.

  • Domain properties

This new exciting feature organizes your domain listings for each website thereby providing easy access to subdomains & non-HTTPs. Though it may sound like a minor update but it stimulates faster access to data bypassing the need to scroll through long lists of domains.

  • Google-selected Canonical URLs

Another feature in the URL Inspection Tool is the search that automatically picks the canonical URL in your website. Many times, Google ignores rel canonical but this update allows you to see which URL Google considered as canonical and also gives an option to user to change if Google considers the URL as incorrect.

  • Info" command revoked

With numerous additions to the existing console, Google has also revoked some, "info" command being one. It happened because this particular feature was rarely used. The functionality of viewing the same data on the search console already existed. Keeping this fact in mind, this new feature offers a better solution for the owners of the website and digital marketing specialists to track the URLs.


Digital marketing has been a great blessing to all the businesses as they are seeing a great jump with the help of strategic marketing activities and Google Search Console is the first step in this journey. The objective of the new Google Search Console is to provide users with a more comprehensive version of information than ever before along with features that allow users to have a better view of data. This user-friendly interface makes it very convenient for the users to make the best use of the features provided by the Google Search Console. These updates are very important for all the digital marketers along with Android app Development Company in Hyderabad to give the best results to the businesses and increase their ROIs.

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