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Why Modern Couples Are Drawn to Vintage Rings

Author: Shirley Balerio
by Shirley Balerio
Posted: Feb 03, 2020
vintage rings

Vintage rings are beautiful, timeless and appealing to the modern couple. These vintage rings often have stories to them because if they are not new vintage style rings, they belonged to someone before the new couple. Whether it was passed down from generation to generation or just simply your grandmother’s ring they have stories. The rings themselves are also unique in style and shape as a lot of the vintage styles are not made anymore. Here are 3 reasons why vintage engagement rings are more appealing to modern brides and grooms than modern engagement rings.


Each ring that is truly vintage belonged to someone before them and that marriage stood the test of time. So, most couples are hoping that by wearing these rings it brings that lasting love and longevity that whomever before them had. A lot of times the vintage ring will belong to a family member such as a grandmother or great grandmother. Then you have the rings that are passed down from generation to generation throughout time to bring all the blessings, love and joy from one relationship to the next. Now keep in mind a lot of vintage rings do need to be kept well as they are often very fragile. The other things are they are easy to have the stones replaced without breaking the bank if a stone were to ever fall out.

Unique bands

The rings will have unique bands and even settings because during that time there were not a whole lot of people that could afford to buy brand new rings from a jeweler so often, they would take styles and make them themselves. This would lead to imperfections and dings in the diamonds and metal because if you have no training in being a master jeweler then making a ring band is very difficult even though those videos on Facebook make it seem to be easy. To put it into very simple terms, modern people, lean towards them because they are often one of a kind and their imperfections make them even more unique and beautiful.


Finally, the biggest reason is that they are affordable. Nowadays more people are drawn towards the newest, shiniest, and biggest ring that they can afford. However, if you are on a strict budget or you just do not want to spend a ton of money on a brand-new ring then vintage rings are the best for you. These rings are cheap but beautiful. Not to mention if it is passed down from family member to family member the only things you would really need to pay for is repairs if it got damaged at all or if you want to change out the stones.

Vintage engagement rings are great for the modern couple for many reasons. Those reasons can be as simple as they are affordable to something as complex as it was your mother’s mother’s ring and it holds something special in your heart. Whatever it is are great reasons to go with vintage rings.

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