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Say Goodbye to Stress With These Interesting Activities!

Author: James Bolte
by James Bolte
Posted: Feb 09, 2020

Stress and anxiety are inescapable truths of our existence. Thanks to the inherent chaos in the world we live in, fueled by the expectations of living up to the society, be it in school among teachers and peers, at work among colleagues, or at home with your loving family – stress makes itself felt at every breath we take. But does this mean that we allow the evil of stress to damage our well-being? No! In fact, it is at times when we want to absolutely give up and give in that we should find a new meaning in life and strive to manage our emotions so as to be able to focus our mind on relieving the stress.

To ensure that we all maintain a healthy lifestyle and cater to our physical and emotional well-being, each one of us should take active steps to reduce our daily levels of stress. What are some of the most effective ways to reduce stress? Read on to discover some of the interesting activities that you can engage in that can help you say goodbye to anxiety and hello to well-being!

Talk to a friend

Sounds way too simple doesn’t it? But when we say talk to a friend, we mean talk – meet up for a coffee or lunch, and if you simply cannot, then pick up the phone and dial their number! It really makes a difference when you can talk to a friend about your issue at hand, and whether or not they’re able to give you great ideas, the whole point of talking to a friend is getting someone to hear you out. That’s a great relief in itself!

Listen to a song

If music be the food of love, play on –Shakespeare had famously said. It has been proven by science that listening to music releases dopamine or ‘happy hormones’ that can lighten your mood and help you calm down. So put on those headphones and turn on the radio: good times await!

Grow peace in your garden

Gardening has been said to be one of the best ways to calm yourself down and start afresh. Though it is quite a task to garden in the constricted walls of city life, you could organize a small terrace garden or even have a few plants adorn your balcony. And when you tend to those plants and take care of them, they in turn tend to your stress levels and take care of diminishing them by spreading positive vibes.

Exercise the stress away

A healthy body is the abode of a healthy mind. So make sure to keep your body as healthy as you can – eat right, sleep adequately, and exercise! Move your body, hit the gym, dance some zumba, or just plain and simple Yoga: do anything that helps you stay fit and stress-free!


Sounds right out of the movies? But, apparently, it works! Of course you can’t do it where everyone will be watching, or you’d be branded insane. So why not try screaming into your pillow? Or the next time you’re driving along an empty road, roll down the windows, throw your head back, and yell your guts out – and hope to god that it works!

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