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Three Reasons to Take a Year off After High School Graduation

Author: Pauline Silverberg
by Pauline Silverberg
Posted: Feb 13, 2020

Have you ever known someone who went to college but when asked what degree they wanted they weren’t really sure? This happens more often you might think because young people are taught from an early age that to get a good job, they need a degree and so they rush into college but don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do. Taking a year off after high school graduation allows the individual to focus on what they have accomplished and decide what they want to do for the rest of their life without the pressure of classes, exams and hours of studying.

This year is often the first opportunity that a young person has to be on their own and make personal decisions regarding their career, education and where they want to live. If you have never been anywhere else then it can be hard to see what the options are which is why individuals can utilize this time to enroll in gap year abroad programs. These are specifically designed to engage graduates in an international program where they can travel to a different country and get involved with local events and activities tailored to their interests and preferences. It is through this experience that individuals find their purpose in life and have a better understanding of the world around them and how they fit into it.

Just because you aren’t enrolled in college doesn’t mean that learning should stop or there aren’t things you can do to enhance your skills and increase marketability. Some of the advantages of the gap year travel programs includes learning a new language, establishing contacts in other countries and organizations and developing a global perspective which colleges and employers are looking for in applicants. These skills can be added to the person’s application and resume, thereby enhancing their personal development and making them more competitive which is beneficial to their career and formal education plans. Lastly, the opportunity to travel internationally builds confidence and new understanding of self so that individuals enter college with a level of maturity that direct high school participants may not have because they are younger and more inexperienced. During this year, there are no academic pressures, there is enough time to travel and decide who you are as an individual and a member of a larger society.

If you are looking to develop these skills and take advantage of the benefits but don’t want to wait until after graduation then go online and check out the best high school foreign exchange programs. Designed for teens starting at 15 years old, these programs range from a couple of weeks, the entire summer or spending a year with local host families and attend school with peers. The experience is rewarding and from it, participants gain a new appreciation of the world around them while building the foundation they need to graduate and embark on the next stage of their journey because they have already decided what they want to do and how to achieve their goals.

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